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Kingmaker campaign question


Hey guys,

I've been running a Kingmaker campaign and I'm about to get through book 2 and into book 3... but I am curious. Do the players leave their capital city in book 3 and never return? Do they establish a new city in the Eastern portion of the Stolen Lands?

My players seem to be loving their capital city, I'm not completely sure they'll want to leave it when the time comes. Has anyone else come to this problem?

They get to return. There is no need to establish a new capital.

wraithstrike wrote:
They get to return. There is no need to establish a new capital.

Would you care to tell me when they would return? Is that in book 4? I don't have that one yet... Do they mostly just spend some time exploring in book 3 and then return at the end, or partially through?

Silver Crusade

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It's a sandbox they go back whenever they want or to do kingdom building. Mini and vignette adventures set at home between and during books is fun.

Cool, so the game is always bouncing from their Kingdom to the events in the other regions?

Scarab Sages

They are required to go back to their capitol and spend at least 1 week per month there or their kingdom roles are considered vacant. This means that they can either A) adventure 3 weeks and spend 1 week governing in the capitol, then go back to adventuring, or B) adventure, spend 2 consecutive weeks governing (last week of one month, and 1st week of new month) then adventure for 6 weeks. Either way, they are coming back to the capitol regularly once kingom building starts.

It is assumed that all the adventuring takes place in the periods in between ruling the kingdom. Also, a GM could have events take place that require them to immediately return to the capitol (uprising, fire, plague, envoys from another nation come calling, war is declared on PCs kingdom, etc).

(Or, as I recommend, they can all take the Leadership feat and appoint their Cohorts to the council to do the ruling in their absence, thus allowing them to adventure full time. Of course, by the time they have access to teleport / wind walk magics transportation time becomes largely irrelevant and it's only the one week a month actual ruling time they have to worry about.)

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