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Animal Companions that use Character Level instead of Druid Level...

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

Liberty's Edge

Is there some sort of feat that can balance this out a bit?
For a character with only a few levels in Druid.. the companion eventually becomes kinda silly.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Greetings, fellow traveller.

You mean, except Boon Companion (from Seekers of Secrets)?

What do you want your AC for? From your question I gather, that fighting is in the foremost.
If you'd go for a bird for scouting the few levels of druid will matter less (and you save a feat).


Liberty's Edge

That's just what I was looking for thanks.

As a 13th level character with only 3 levels of druid... a 3rd level companion is fragile to the point of uselessness... just showing up gives them a very good chance of being dead.

A 7th level companion has a much better chance of surviving incidental stuff.

A 13th level character with three levels of druid might be better served to have taken a different natures bond option than animal companion. Even with "boon companion" (a feat my GM won't allow, btw) your AC is only going to be as if for a 7th level druid at the cost of a feat that might be better employed.

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