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Why won't Flycatcher reveal secrets?

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Let's say Flycatcher is persuaded the party will bring him Moreto's head, either because he captured a party member and they want him back, or because they used diplomacy. I think my players are likely to do this. It seems inconceivable that he wouldn't warn them of the traps that lie ahead - such as the Blood River waterfall, or the lightning room. I realize he's crazy, but that seems weak to me. Has he never left that room, not even on his first journey? Also seems unlikely. He wants the characters to live so they can kill Moreto.

Maybe this is a biiiit late, but isn't Flycatcher able to travel through the Plane of Shadow? It's quite likely he doesn't know about those traps because they weren't a threat to him. Keep in mind this dude is a teensy bit nuts. ;)

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