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Disciples other than dragon

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I am currently play a Dragon Disciple in my current game, but that got me thinking. What about a similar prestige class for every bloodline? Why should dragons get all the fun? Has anyone done anything like this I'm considering just doing the d*** thing myself, but would much rather ninja someone else's work.

Okay, I've always thought that shifting DD around would be really easy in PF. Half the stuff involved in plug-and-play from the sorcerer list, the other half is based on this class in 3 and 3.5 being a way to gain the half-dragon template.

In PF, the 10th level payoff is essentially half of the Half Dragon template. +3 out of +4 natural armor, +4 str out of +8, +2 con out of +4, +2 int, no bonus to cha, because that would be a payoff to the main sorcerer core, and this class is about losing some pure arcane power to gain some physical acumen.

Also, we can presume that the character already has a high Cha, and in story terms, has already manifested that part of their heritage.

I think it would be easiest to match this, at first, with another creature which has both a 'half-' template, and a sorcerous bloodline. Up until 10 HD, both half-celestial and half-fiend have a +2 cr, equal to half- dragon, so I think a selection from their 10 HD and under powers is fair. Also, these two templates only have a +1 natural armor, but they have a bevy of other natural defenses to pad out the other two "+1 nat armor" slots with. Both templates get +4 to all three physical stats, but I think the creator should be wary of letting the player take +4 Dex, as it is a more useful and powerful stat for an Arcane caster.

Attempt 1:
Celestial Disciple:Spell progression, saves, and attack proceeds identically to DD, the following replaces the other class features.

1: Nat Armor +1, Blood of Angels (go through the "Blood of Dragons" part of DD and replace the word "Dragon" with "Celestial")
2: +2 to one physical stat, player's choice, no one physical stat may be boosted more than once. Smite evil 1/day, protection from evil 3/day, bless 1/day(I think this balances with bite, the Celestial template and bloodline are far less about offense, I'll add more powers when the bite would improve at 6th level). Bonus feat drawn from the bloodline.
3: Wings of Heaven, as the Celestial bloodline power (yes, they get flight earlier).
4: +2 to a physical stat, immunity to disease, +4 on save vs. poison.
5: Detect Evil at will, Truespeech, as the Angel subtype ability. Bonus feat from bloodline.
6: +2 to final physical stat. Cure Serious wounds 1/day, Smite evil 2/day.
7: Warrior of Light 1/day (gain the benefits of the Transformation spell). DR 5/magic.
8: +2 to Wis or Int. Bonus feat from bloodline.
9. Conviction bloodline power.
10. Warrior of Light 2/day, Holy Smite 1/day. Unlimited use of the Wings of Heaven Power.

A few fans have tried to do that. There's a Crone DIsciple PrC in Wayfinder (I don't remember the issue). Someone else tried to create a Fey Disciple.
And the Celestial Disciple was a PrC in 3.5- I tried to convert it myself here.

I believe for "Fiends" there was a Fiend Blooded PRC in "Heroes of Horror"

Hmm. Interesting...

A few respectful observations:

I still stand by my contention that in keeping with the original flavor and idea of DD, one shouldn't allow a CHA boost in the class. Despite the counter-argument in the Fey Disciple thread, I think one can still say that even when morphing into something with high Charisma that being a Charismatic spellcaster is the actual manifestation of that heritage.
I find your addition of Positive energy channeling interesting, but otherwise agree with Harrison that your take on the class came out to be entirely too powerful.

The other thing to be wary of here is to remember that this Class shouldn't be used for any and all transformations into other races. For example, given that Fey have 1/2 attack prog, and d6 HD, a class with d10 HD and a 3/4 attack prog is singularly ill suited to the change.

Remember that this class isn't just about turning into a bloodline creature, it's about turning into a DRAGON. When adapted to emulate other similarly hardy creatures, it works well.

Honestly, for adapting the Fey bloodline, I would contemplate re-skinning the Loremaster, plus a few tweaks. Ditto the Arcane bloodline.

Well, I agreed to take down the capstone ability. I think it's balanced this way.

Anthony Kane wrote:
I believe for "Fiends" there was a Fiend Blooded PRC in "Heroes of Horror"

There was, and it was quite cool, though it was much, much less physically focused, and was a bit scattered, as it had a 1/2 HD BAB, but gave claw attacks, which were clearly useless. I found it a more useful class to take for 4-5 levels, after starting as a Duskblade, back in the day.

Dragon disciple was a prestige class in 3.5 carried over. That there happens to be a draconic bloodline for the sorcerer now where there never was one before doesn't mean anything really. You may or may not have noticed that, I just wanted to point it out to be sure.

I noticed it, but that changes nothing. In 3.5 the default assumption was that most sor were dragon blooded. The DD was designed to create a half-dragon character. PF expansion of bloodlines should make it possible to create a half/whatever class with a little work.

Well there is a demoniac which is somewhat similar in build up really.

I did create a demonic disciple at some point to similate a cult of demon worshippers tied to a specific demon, I find it works better that way so you can fit the ability bonus to the nature of the demon that 'sponsors' you. In this case it was a powerful incubus aspiring to become a nascent demon lord, no clue where my notes are though..

I think a cultist of the Old Ones is particulary suited as well with a number of mutations to pick from, possibly borrowing from a selection of the summoner's list of evolutions, it could work for demons as well.

Giant disciple (Jotun Blood) is one I would like to see worked out in detail.

Animal Disciple (Beast Lord) is another one.

Hag Disciple (Crone) might be an interesting take on a witch PrC.

Like you too lazy to do it now though xD

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