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Anyone interested in a Fantasy Grounds or Maptools campaign (or has one running?)


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Hey all -

My brother and I are looking to either join a group, or start up a Pathfinder campaign. Just the two of us at the moment. We may also have a 3rd, depending on whether we can cajole my wife into it - she's not much of a gamer!

We're 32 and 34 respectively. To figure out if we'd fit in (or if you would!) - we love Adult Swim (Family Guy / ATHF nut), hoppy beer, and bad jokes. A bad sense of humor is almost mandatory. Looking for a fairly mature group or players - 21+, really. Our gaming sessions are historically not too serious, but not a total mess, either! Heavier on the RP/Fun than munchkin stuff.

I can GM if needed. We can use whatever you do for communication - Skype, Ventrilo, G+, etc. If we start something, our preference is G+ for ease of use.

Looking for something weekly or every other week for a few hours. We're all US timezone - CST, looking for evening/weekend games.

NOTE - I have an unlimited license for Fantasy Grounds, which means you can join my hosted games without having to pay for a license yourself :) Also can use Maptools, although we prefer FG2 for the ambiance.


I haven't played an online RPG in years, but would be interested in joining. Especially considering I'd like to try out Fantasy Grounds which looks amazing. Hit me up and let me know.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As a man who has currently too many character ideas and not enough games I'm playing them in, I'd join.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber

I'm in the same boat as HP - I've got characters I've built for Second Darkness, Legacy of Fire, Kingmaker, Carrion Crown, and Jade Regent and am only actually actively playing in Kingmaker (and on a PbP so it's really slow going).

My home gaming group (which I'm DM) is Saturday nights so I'd be up for doing something on weekday evenings. I'm in MST and could play from when I put the kids to bed to whenever (usually about 8pm). I have my own ventrilo server we could use.

If that works for you guys, my AP preference would be Carrion Crown or Jade Regent, but I'd be happy to play about anything.

Liberty's Edge

I'm as well but I can't play at 8pm mst ; ;

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber
Suzaku wrote:
I'm as well but I can't play at 8pm mst ; ;

Does that mean you can play until or after?

Liberty's Edge

Sorry, what I meant is that starting at 8pm mst would be too late for me as it'll be 10est.

Silver Crusade

I'd also be interested in a game. Presently DM an online and in person game and I am itching to play.

If you decide to start something up and need another drop me a line.

Scarab Sages

I'd love to play again. The group I've been rolling with for 1.5 - 2 years fell apart recently. I haven't played an online game before but I'd like to get into it. I can set up skype or G+ or whatever we need.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Excelsias wrote:

Looking for something weekly or every other week for a few hours. We're all US timezone - CST, looking for evening/weekend games.

I'm just getting back into roleplaying after a 20-year hiatus. I've never played pathfinder or tried online roleplaying, but I'm interested.

I've played some AD&D 3.5 and DDO. I understand pathfinder is related to 3.5.

I'm in eastern. I agree with those saying a 10pm ET start is too late. Depending on the day of the week, I can be available from about 7:00pm ET till maybe midnight. Later on Friday and Saturday nights.

So, count me as interested.

I'll toss up an interest too. I'm in New Zealand though so I could join you guys for weekend evening play, weekday nights are my weekdays and I've got stuff to do -- classes and stuff (I'm a grad student, not in HS or anything).

I'd love to join, but I'm only available on wednesdays or thursdays.

President, SmiteWorks

It's a long way off, but we have a number of Fantasy Grounds users with Ultimate Licenses who have graciously volunteered to run one-off sample games using Fantasy Grounds in the first annual FG II Con. The date they set was July 20th through July 22nd. (

We have a forum section dedicated to supporting the virtual con. Players won't need to buy anything, although I'd encourage them to download and install an unregistered version of the software and play with all the features that are available on the GM side before the con. There are videos on our Downloads page for most of the things you can do in the virtual tabletop.

President, SmiteWorks

Sorry, the other reason I thought to post was to let Excelsias know that the FGIICon might be a good opportunity to try out new potential players for your ongoing campaigns. Best of luck!


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Don't even worry about it, Doug - that's awesome! I'm a huge FG2 fan and happy to have the plug here.


At this point, I've gotten a LOT of interest here and on the FG2 forums, which is awesome! If there's enough, could maybe even get 2 groups going out of this if anyone else wants to GM (I can't GM two games :P)

A few notes on the game I am planning to run:

1) I haven't GM'd on FG2 before
2) My two existing players, who are my wife (32yo) and my younger brother (31yo), are total newbs to both Pathfinder, RPGs, and FG2 We've done a few casual games with friends, but that's it.

Just want to make sure you know what you're getting into! I'm a longtime wargamer/RPG guy, but only really picked up the hobby again in the last year myself after (wasted) years of MMOs.

With all that being said...
I'm still planning to run a serious campaign. My thoughts at the moment are to keep it completely grounded in Golarion (Pathfinder's main campaign setting), along the following lines:

* Start at level 1
* Good balance of challenging encounters (combat, traps, social, puzzles, etc.), roleplay, and story. I'm a big believer in balance
* Light roleplay (this is what my existing players struggle with the most) - serious though, just not over the top
* Anything allowed from the core rulebook or APG, and other stuff as requested
* Keep the game going for 2-3 months or so, more if there's interest

As to the campaign...
* Not going to use an adventure path - going to keep it pretty open-ended, and more of a "sandbox" that evolves around the group
* Thinking 2-3 sessions a month, 1 a week if possible, but that can be hard to coordinate
* Going to use Google+ for voice/video (at least voice), and Google Groups or Obsidian Portal for out-of-game communication, etc.

Those are the details for now -
What I need from you:

(1) If you're interested, please tell me a little more of yourself and what you'd plan to play, along with your timezone and availability for sessions (ie., give me 2-3 times that work for you - "best day for me is Thu. nights after 7pm EST").

(2) What would you like to play? Anything in Golarion of particular interest to you that you'd like to explore?

(3) Anything else I should know for now?

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

I'm 37 years old and have played RPGs for years. I'm an IT specialist and a graduate student as well as a husband and father. My job is pretty lax since I work evenings and I can actually probably play quite a bit from there after 7pm-12pm CST or so during the week, but could also play in the mornings before 11 or weekends easier.

I'm patient and laid back just looking for some fun, so playing with newbs is not an issue for me. I noticed the age of your players and thought it might be a good fit. Pathfinder is a pretty easy system to pickup so I don't see much issue there.

As far as the character is concerned, I'm versatile. I'd probably prefer to play a rogue or scout of some sort but would be willing to play a healer as well.

Silver Crusade

I am a 26 years old, have played online mostly, but a few in person games over the last few years. Presently I am in college for programming. My time zone is eastern standard, and I am available Saturday all day, in the afternoon Monday, and potentially Friday or Sunday all day.

Don't mind playing with new players, its not an issue for me. In terms of characters, I favor casters, or classes with a mix, like the inquisitor, ranger, magus, etc. What i'd play specifically would depend on the campaign theme and groups needs. In regards to particular interest, I wouldn't mind brevoy or Iobara, but im pretty easy and will be happy anywhere.

Aside from that, I am very familiar with maptools, not so much with FG2, but don't mind learning.

Grand Lodge

Hey Excelsias, I'm definitely interested if you still have any room left.

(1) I've been into roleplaying for years now and have a decent amount of experience with online games (mainly maptools/skype), but am open to any sort of VoiP communication and tabletop engine like fantasy grounds. I'm available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays around 8, Saturdays, and potentially Sundays or Fridays (my current game is trying to decide which day to play on).

(2) For what I'd like to play it would most likely either be a Druid or a Oracle, although something along the lines of a Cleric would be fine too. If I play an oracle it would most likely be either Clouded Vision Curse/Ancestor mystery or Deaf Curse/Time mystery. If I play Druid or Cleric I'll most likely be a worshiper of Desna and prestige into the spherewalker class.

The Clouded Vision Curse/Ancestor cleric would be trying to solve some sort of family woes or live up to an ancestor's expectations. The Deaf Curse/Time mystery oracle would be someone blessed with the ability to see the flow of time, but unable to speak of it. The Druid or Cleric of Desna would be a traveler looking to spread good across the world. Most likely in order to make up for some sort of associated crime he did in the past.

(3) I think that's about it, just keep me posted and I'll make sure to watch this thread.

Hey! Was just browsing this forum a bit and this caught my eye. As for your questions:

1) I'm 25, been roleplaying for around 10 years now (early years almost predominantly using NWN on persistent worlds). I'm currently running my own ongoing, custom setting game over maptools and skype (I've been DMing for around 6 years myself). It's been going for probably a year (the group for around 2 years). I'm looking to be a player honestly as the prepwork to run one campaign tends to keep me too busy to run another.

2) As for what I'd play, I'm not sure. I love Golarion, but don't have a huge amount of knowledge on the setting outside the bits I've picked up reading the setting book. In general though I lean more toward lawful and/or good characters. At least some combination of the above, anyway. I'm not good at evil parties/gaming and have little interest in them.

I also have a tendency toward skill focused and caster sorts though I've given all classes a try at some point or another. I'd want to play something that fits the setting and nothing too jarring from the rest of the party and story being run. It would also depend if you allow 3rd party publisher material as I'm a big fan of some of the stuff out there and would love to give it a try.

3) My schedule might be a deal breaker. Currently the group I lead games on Sundays and I would not be available on that day. Otherwise, the work I do is shiftwork, meaning some weeks I would plain not be available during the available times. My times really vary week to week currently (though I would be able to say definitively if I could make it a given night or not well ahead of time).

That said, I am still very interested and if it works out would be happy to join when I could. If you need any more information feel free to ask or PM me as you like.

Scarab Sages

1) I'm 32 years old and I've been playing Pathfinder for a couple of years now. I am looking to play online via a tool because it has been difficult to get a physical group together as of late. I can't pay much for a tool due to getting laid off, so free or cheap is the order of the day.

My gaming expertise is in melee characters, and I would be most inclined to playing a fighter. I have one mostly fleshed out that I can post soon. Monk would be my second choice, followed by Ranger or Paladin.

My availability is almost any evening 7 pm or later, Mountain Time. All days of the week are currently open for me.

2) I am completely open to what part of Golarion we explore.

3) It isn't essential, but it would be great if I could use the Brawler Fighter archetype from Ultimate Combat. What would be your verdict on that?

(1) Well, I'm 25. I'm a grad student studying philosophy down here in New Zealand and I'm finishing up my semester pretty much once I submit this essay I'm in the midst of writing about why we can't get moral knowledge out of literature. Which, I know you probably don't care about...but a week without sleep and honestly, I can't tell who cares about what anymore.

To what I'd play...I like build challenges. I like making things work that people say are 'bad ideas' or 'bad fits' and stuff like that. One of the builds I'm most keen to run through is my Rogue/Magus/Arcane Trickster. Lotta people say it can't be done well and I disagree. I'm not a min/maxxer per se...but I do try to maximize the effectiveness of whatever concept has taken hold in me.

Basically, I like finding an interesting/flavourful concept and trying to make it work.

Availability...right. Well, I'm in New Zealand which is, I think, 16 hours ahead of EST atm. O'er the next couple weeks, I'm good for pretty much anytime. Once classes start up again, I can say for sure that I'll be free weekends (well, not necessarily Sunday nights as that's my Monday afternoon and we don't find out our classes until like a week before they start...its kinda dumb). I'll likely only have two days of classes next semester, so I can probably be around most of the time...I just can't tell you until they post up the class schedules.

(2) I'm down with pretty much anything. I'm more a fan of 'strategy' then I am of 'political'/investigative sorta campaigns. My current RL PF group just *has* to ask every NPC we come across every stupid question there is and it gets frustrating after a while. Mind you, they're mostly new players...

(3) I see the Fnords?


Oh! I love lamp ^^

[Insert other comical internet memes here]...


f!@@ing essays...brain not work good...

-Sorry to hijack but we are looking for another player who can play 6:30PM SUNDAY EST or 6:30AM MONDAY GMT+8. Yes, I'm in China. We have 1 player 100% sure, and I'm going to DM. We've already run a test server, so everything is good. If you are interested PM me. We haven't decided on anything yet, as we are all new to this.

I'm 27, been roleplaying off and on for about 15 years now, largely through forums/various PC games and more recently tabletop. I'm actually playing a Pathfinder game with some friends right now, but we only play once a month and I'm itching for more! I'm studying psychology with plans for grad school in about a year. I started school late because I was in the army for a while. I also bartend a couple nights a week and I just interviewed for a tutoring position at my school's writing center.

I live in the central timezone (Alabama) and I'm good to play M-W, after 4ish until 11ish. I'll rarely (if ever) be able to play Thursday or Friday until August, when I plan to quit one of my jobs. I could play Saturdays or Sundays sometimes, but I would need advance notice and, honestly, I'd rather not as I generally already have plans (I'm also married).

As for the game itself, I really want to play a wizard (focusing on conjuration, I think), as I've yet to play a full on caster and I've been pondering various wizard concepts for a week or so now. The last campaign I played was focused on Westcrown, so anywhere but there would be nice to explore.

I'm not overly experienced with Pathfinder, but I'm getting the hang of it. I've never played anything using Fantasy Grounds, but it sounds really cool. The fact that your wife and brother aren't that experienced makes me want to play even more, so I won't feel like I'm holding people back with my newb ways.

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