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Beasties: Monster selection for the game

Pathfinder Online

With three bestiaries and counting, what sort of fun monsters do you think should be included in this game and how should they be used?

Goblin Squad Member

Hopefully not this cheeky little monkey with the staff.

Goblins. Lots of Goblins!

Goblin Squad Member

I would like to see Blaeringrs in game. Well, at least one.

Goblinworks Founder

Gelatinous Cubes


Doppelganger - I want to fight myself!

Goblin Squad Member

I'd love to see some classic D&D monsters like the Gelatinous cube (and other jellies/puddings), stirges, aberrations like carrion crawlers, magical beasts like the owlbear. You know, an old school thing :)

I'd also like to see the thematic, template creatures like beholders, githyanki, sahuagin, etc.

Goblin Squad Member

Beholders are actually copyrighted by Wizards, not part of the SRD. So they're out. Githyanki may be as well, I'm not certain on them.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

A wide variety of undead.

Core races with class levels.

"Normal" animals (such as bears, wolves, etc).

Limited use of outsiders, which should be remarkably powerful when found.


Goblin Squad Member

Mimics, and not the predictable, easily recognizable chest that you see coming a mile off. I would love for common items that regularly seen in dungeons (tables, chairs and yes maybe occasionally chests, but not 100% of the time chests), and once in a blue moon the items that are often ignored, grabs you.

I'm sick of MMOs and RPGs in general displaying mimics as distinct chests with visible teeth hopping around in plain sight.

Goblin Squad Member

Blaeringr wrote:
Beholders are actually copyrighted by Wizards, not part of the SRD. So they're out. Githyanki may be as well, I'm not certain on them.

Pewp--I forgot about that. Raksha! Be cool to defeat a colony of them trying to infiltrate a city.

Goblin Squad Member

I haven't played Kingmaker, but I have some friends running a Kingmaker campaign, and from what they tell me, I'd expect kobolds, trolls, wolves (and worgs), and hill giants. Kingmaker takes place in the same place roughly, and you probably shouldn't see monster types that are native to other parts of Golarion (like no gnolls).

Goblin Squad Member

One thing I hope they do with "Beasties" is avoid having the same beasts appear over and over at different power levels. Nothing has ever been so disappointing to me in an MMO as zoning into the Plane of Justice(?) and seeing level 52 rats. LOTRO has a really bad habit of putting boars in every zone at every level. This goes a long way towards destroying the feeling that you're actually advancing and getting more powerful.

Goblin Squad Member

I agree Nihimon & Alexander. Indiscriminate placement of monsters is just deadly for any sense of immersion or atmosphere. Encountering an outsider should be a big deal, and feel out of the ordinary. And I would much rather the variety of monsters be geographic rather than level based--level 52 rats indeed!

Goblin Squad Member

Dragons. Good and Bad. Good to serve and protect. Evil to slay and purge. Also would be awesome to have dragonscale armor.

I wud like to see (and be playabull)

Goblins, the best beast fight is in my camp pane is when the lil goblins came and gath the party a run for its gold but the party wun in the end.

Teafling, when i play a teafling i feal like i hath cool power and thit i hath over cum the evil in me and now i am good.

whardog i now wut you are finking that is on dith rent then a wharwolf
well 3 big changes are 1 WHARDOGS ARE GOOD 2 Smoler so ownly size M
3 if you are not in cun chrowl of the dog in you and it is a pit bull you
will help the cid giting killed or take penelteas.

Goblin Squad Member

Besides the goblins I'd love to see some cockatrices and mimics in the game!
They're some of my favorite monsters.
Especially the mimics, it's always quite startling when you're trying to loot a treasure chest and it suddenly attacks you!

Or giant chickens! You gotta have giant chickens!

Goblin Squad Member

Given the location, we're safe to assume Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Orcs, Ogres, Hill Giants, plus the Standard Player Races.

Given the location of the World Would relative to the Crusader's Road, half-Fiends and Tieflings as well. Maybe even mercenary bands of exotic humanoids who got lost or decided that they really weren't being paid enough to go risk their lives against Demons.

Animals are likely to be Rabbits, Goats, Deer, Boar, Cattle, Horses, Dire Beasties and the like. Likely a blend of plains-dwelling, swamp dwelling and forest-dwelling Animals, given the nature of the terrain of this region.

Magical Creatures can be just about anything but desert, tropical or arctic dwellers.

Dragons ... likely Red, Green, Black, Silver, Gold and maybe Brass or Copper.

I second the motion that Outsiders be rare and extremely dangerous. Anything that can slip past the World-Wound is going to be at the very least abnormally cunning, even for a Demon, let alone powerful to slip the Wards.

Also, a broad variety of people come to the Worldwound to fight the Demons. They could bring a variety of minions, pets, mounts and war-beasts with them, allowing the game to 'slip in' some strange critters into the mix.

And given that, if a Hex isn't used regularly, the monsters have the capacity to litterally breed themselves into an army, a handful of Gnolls or Chimera escaping into the wilderness and avoiding the players could come back and bite us, hard when we find a new Hex, and it's been turned into a literal fortress of highly-skilled Gnolls looking to raid our farmlands for food and slaves (is there even a difference in their language?) and thus forming new content for the Players.

Goblin Squad Member

I want to see all of them; there isn't a reason not to. I think we can safely assume that as the popularity of the game expands, so will the explorable area. This will allow for all manner of locations for monsters to pop up.

To begin with, I'd like to see a wide variety of the lower levelled monsters so we don't get bored killing the same things over and over again.

i am not sure what people mean with "52 lvl rats" the game is a sandbox ,in my mind a rat is rat , a bear is a bear and a wolf is a wolf .they do not have levels. you can even see this on pen and paper rpgs.they say 4d6 hit points , 2d4dmg bite,1d6 dmg claw .next time you see a bear it will still be a bear.

to go on with a rant. sandbox games usually allow you to explore and make you feel that the game is a world , thus the bear of riverwood should be similar to the bear of stoneshire .only in themepark games riverwood is a lvl9 area and bears have 20hitpoints while stoneshire is a lvl56 area and bears have 2300 hit points

Goblin Squad Member

Agree rats should be rats, not statistical dragons in rat costume/guise.

If you see some type of monster it should signify something about it's properties for eg that is not frequent, not trivial in any context if for eg a beholder lvl20 monster; and often a "run away" choice? At the other end of the power/deadly range? In between combat that could go wrong if not careful would be welcome too.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Blaeringr wrote:
Beholders are actually copyrighted by Wizards, not part of the SRD. So they're out. Githyanki may be as well, I'm not certain on them.

Both of those are indeed Wizards of the Coast IP, are not in the SRD, and are unavailable to both the Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Online.

Note also that because Pathfinder Online does not use the OGL, even the presence in Wizards' SRD is by itself not an indicator of whether we can use something or not.

Goblin Squad Member

Trolls, Orges and Orcs are a must.

Goblinworks Founder

JakBlitz wrote:
Trolls, Orges and Orcs are a must.

No Orgies please. I do like ogres though

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