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So I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while, I was thinking about taking it to my local group to see if anyone wanted to try it out but I figured that we're already playing one dedicated game right now so I'll lay it out on PbP first.

I'm pretty sure how I'm going to handle it but I just wanted to flush out my ideas and get some feedback.

The Concept

Pathfinder Heroes in the Modern World with none of that time travel/planeswarping mumbo jumbo, they know where they are and are children of this era.

The players are part of ORDER, an organization that on the surface is a Private Military Company but in actuality deals with Monsters and Magetouched.

The United States Government is aware of the existence of these creatures and contracts ORDER to take care of these situations when they arise. As such they are provided with support from a multitude of military branches but never any active combat roles and always under the guise of a black op.

The public is largely unaware of what goes on and the government/ORDER go to great pains to keep it that way.

ORDER is kind of like a cross between the Freemasons and (drawing a blank on the name) the organization that polices time and makes sure things go the right way without actually changing anything. ORDER's Edicts (among killing monsters) deal largely with not taking sides on any real world topic, it is because of this reason that there is some friction with the Government and ORDER.

The Monsters and Magetouched aren't some isolated problem, it's systemic. Nearly every city has a goblin infestation and at least a couple two-bit wizards running around. Mostly the monsters stay hidden, they have grown very adept at this over the last century but something is riling them up and they are becoming more bold.

The Mechanics

Classes, Players may choose any class including the Modern Hero Class

Races, everyone is going to be human though the other races did exist at one point, most of the humanoid races died off in the dark ages, victims of plague, war, and racial tension. Because of this the player may choose a heritage (Only one race) and choose race traits from that race (traits as in character traits, not racial things like darkvision or keen senses).

Equipment, The game will use both Pathfinder and Modern equipment tables, for example, while a club is a simple weapon a shotgun is also a simple weapon. ALL characters are proficient with simple weapons. Characters as Agents of ORDER will recive a budget with which to purchase their equipment. They get a paycheck as well as a bonus for missions completed.

Magic, magic exists within the world though it doesn't react well with technology. Passive magic such as a magical item is fine around technology though active magic is met with volatile results. A wizard for example is able to use a cell phone with no problem. Though when he casts a spell his cell phone runs the risk of malfunctioning or even exploding. It is for this reason that all firearms are considered mundane and that ORDER still employs swords and similar weapons, because at times they're the only thing able to hurt some of the monsters they hunt down.

Religion, this part is going to be largely left up to players. If you wish to worship one of the Golarion Deities I suggest you find a real world equivalent. For those that are interested in this sort of thing I'll come up with a table. Aroden for example would be Jesus while Irori would be Buddha.

Setting, for the most part this campaign will be largely placed in the United States, the ORDER headquarters is in Washington DC though they have offices in nearly every state (construction is currently underway for ORDER Alaska). The campaign will start in New York and the players will be stationed there but may be shifted around the country due to job requirements.

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