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City of the Fallen Sky: Glimpses of the Star Mount *Spoilers* *Speculation*

Pathfinder Tales

Dark Archive

Pg. 89:
They looked like
sculptures of humans created by a beginning artist who
didn’t entirely understand anatomy or fundamental
physical proportions—something about the length of
legs, or the torsos, or perhaps the position of the elbows
or knees, simply seemed off.

Pg. 309:
But I find myself entirely
outraged that I can’t use the thing properly, now that
I’ve figured it out. I could feel the machine trying to
force my body and my mind into the right shape to use
it, but it just didn’t work. Like a kraken trying to put on
a pair of pants. Too many limbs and not enough fabric.”

Pg. 89:
“Because sometimes they do not listen. Ninety-nine
orders out of a hundred, they will obey unhesitatingly,
but sometimes, they refuse, or do the opposite of what
they’re asked. They do not question, and they certainly
do not explain—they just act. And in those moments,
the League has no recourse.

This gives a strong sense that whatever crashed there was not humanoid. But were studying humanoids perhaps?


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