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Pawns and their bases

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I decided to go ahead and get the Beginner Box, as I really wanted to check out the pawns. As a person who never spent any money on miniatures, this looked like a great new option. I really like it and will buy the Bestiary Box too.

If anyone from Paizo reads this, a couple things would be nice... selling a package of heavier bases and also including some different color bases (even just one other color) to make the PC bases a different color from monster/villians.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That would be nice! Though I kinda guess Paizo would like to keep production costs for the bases as low as possible, which is easier if they're all exactly the same.

Of course, you could always paint or color the PC bases yourself. Or just put a piece of bright-colored tape on each one.

And for heaviness, you could try gluing weights to them.

I would love to see the pawns from the BB offered a a stand-alone product, but I think Paizo is already quite aware of that request. :)

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