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"No Response From Deepmar" Question (spoilers)

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Why does Captain Ashferth's (p. 26) longsword get "plus 1d6 fire" damage?

Paizo Employee Developer

It looks like he had, at one point, a flaming longsword, which was removed. The energy damage on his longsword attack is a legacy that can be ignored. Or, if you want him to dish out more damage, you can give him a +1 flaming longsword instead of the normal +1 longsword presented in his gear.

Grand Lodge


Also Gravvik the Cruel on page 25 is using an aklys but doesn't have Exotic Weapon Proficiency (aklys). He should have a -2 to his attack roll.

Also, and this technically can't be called an error, his Small-sized aklys is using the stats of that from Ultimate Combat/Ultimate Equipment, where the damage was upped to 1d8 Medium / 1d6 Small. In previous products, however, the aklys's damage was 1d6 / 1d4 respectively, which fits other light weapons. No light weapon deals as much damage as the aklys does, not even even the normal club, which is categorically bigger (being in the one-handed category). The aklys itself is described as a type of throwing club, so you'd think the larger, normal version of it would deal more damage.

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Every derro is automatically proficient with the aklys.

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