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I just downloaded the PZ0119PDSE.PDF and found an "error" on page 5. I think they mean you to take the numbers on the chart and add your CON BONUS... am I wrong? If not I would love to use my 16+2 racial for CON and get 18 extra HP a level...

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

PZ0119PDSE.PDF means nothing to most of people here, so perhaps stating the title of the book could be remotely useful...

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

I'm guessing you mean PZO1119PFSE, the Pathfinder Society Beginner Box Character Creation Guide...

In the Beginner Box, whenever we talk about CON using the three-letter, all-caps abbreviation, we're referring to your Ability Mod, not your Ability Score (see p. 13 of the Hero's Handbook). So if you have a Constitution Score of 18, your CON is +4, and that's what you'll add to the number on the table.

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