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Looking for PFS games in San Francisco!

Local Play

Grand Lodge

We have some great games at some great venues here in the bay area but non in the city. The only problems I have is I live in the boondocks of SF, I don't drive and I work a lot, so it's very straining to get to them. If I could find a PFS game INSIDE the city it would reduce my commute to one source of public transportation and that would be a game I could make regularly! So where are all the local games?


This is not an answer, but perhaps prior discussions on the topic will help.

There was also a discussion on the BAPS (Bay Area PFS) yahoo group on the same topic in the last year (search messages for 'SF' or 'San Francisco'). This may be enlightening as well.

Hope you can find time and place to play.

Cheers, Eelario

Silver Crusade ****

The primary reason we cant find a spot in SF is cause no one wants to share :-(. Home grouping is sounding like a option for the SF players who cant come see us in the non-city.

Grand Lodge

Thanks so much for the replies, I hope we can all get a consistent game going in SF. I just wish my apartment was bigger because I'd be more than happy to host!

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