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I'm a law student working as a research assistant on international law and war. There's a practice in the international legal papers on war to talk about fictitious countries at war. For example, Yoram Dinstein talks about Arcadia and Utopia at war. I have just decided whenever I have to talk about two fictitious countries at war, I'm going to call them "Cheliax" and "Andoran"

Liberty's Edge

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This is pretty much the only place where the awesome geekiness will be appreciated.

for that role my favorites are Taldor and Qadira :P

Scarab Sages

Sweet! I like that idea. In fact, I like it so much that I'll make you a promise. When the zombiepocalypse happens, we'll eat you last.

The Exchange

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That rocks.

My brother once was in a class doing something similar, but they just had to describe the economy of it. One group of people, supposedly, did Ba Sing Se and their main export was Cabbages...

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