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Post seige of Redgorge

Shackled City Adventure Path

Scarab Sages

So, my players survived the seige of Redgorge, and w are planning to start chapter 7. Now, when they return to Cauldron, what should happen before the assassains hit them. I am sure they will go looking for Vhlantru and for answers about the seige...

How did any of you who have run it before handle this?


I'm trying to remember. I think when the approached Valantru he was in a near stupor that the Lord Mayor was gone and claimed that Taskerhill (the bard leader of the Stormblades dad - I'm struggling to remember names) was petitioning the rest of the council to appoint him as the new Lord Mayor and no one would dare oppose him. The party then actually 'convinced' Valantru to put his name forward and try and stop Taskerhill. In a drunken act of bravardo, Valantru agreed as long as he had the backing of the party. When the party returned later, Valantru had miraculously won the election with the doubting members of the council influenced in no small part by the backing of the all conquering heroes.

Valantru banished the Half Orcs from the city and all seemed well...

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Oh, that's beautiful dd.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Oh, that's beautiful dd.

Yes it was only after he claimed power and the party discovered that the half orcs were guarding his noble estate during 'Lords of Oblivion' that it all began to click. Was one of the best player 'ah-ha' moments of the adventure for me, that and when the party cleric discovered that Bishop Shebeleth was a powerful villian after granting him control of her clergy, keep, funds and followers.

Its been a great adventure. I wish we had more time to play so I could see how the last part of the adventure unfolds with my changes.


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Sadly, I will not get the chance to reveal it to my second SCAP party. That group has splintered. :(

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