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Giving the Lantern Lodge more direction

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge ****

I have played many of the Year of the Ruby Phoenix sessions as a Lantern Lodge character. There’s an entire continent’s worth of conflicts going on in Tian Xia and as such and there’s a great opportunity for these conflicts to be reflected in the role of the Lantern Lodge. This thread is about discussing some exciting positions for the Lantern Lodge for later seasons.

This thread is solely dedicated to discussing the flavour and world-setting of the Lantern Lodge faction within the Pathfinder Society, in order to maximise the interest and motives of the faction.
This is kind of what I’d like to see the LL be working on:


-Re-establishment of The Way of the Kirin. This supposedly ancient league of egalitarian warriors and scholars represents a strong socialist association that is favoured by many of the populace of Tian Xia (particularly the Kwan Lai Tengu, who have a history of being persecuted by the elite classes) If the Way of the Kirin can be reformed due to the Lantern Lodge’s actions, this would represent a massive shift in the power of the Lantern Lodge [see Haunting of Hinojai for some intriguing details]. With so many successor states, the Way of the Kirin could get a big federal reach.

-Protection of Tian Xia refugees. From Lingshen, Bachuan and Wanshou, there are plenty of ruling parties in Tian Xia that would want political dissidents permanently silenced. The first place to run is the Inner Sea. I see the Lantern Lodge as a sort of Asiatic home away from home in Absalom, like a bigger, magical, adventurer-funded Jewry of New York in the 1940s. There should be some sort of political accord signed that gives Tian Xia refugees protection in Absalom or the Inner Sea that’s sacred to Lodge members. I’d love to wave a political decree in some Lingshen soldier’s face. Suck on international legislation, ya bums!

-Dragons. Anything with neutral Dragons is very cool. I'd do what a dragon told me to do.

-The remnants of the Lung Wa Imperial Lineage. Does the Lantern Lodge care about these folks? Are they still alive? If so, why is LL setting up base so close to the Cathedral of the Starstone? (colour me curious)

Opposition/Deadly Enemies:

-The Golden League. The Golden League of Tian Xia are rapidly creating links with the Aspis Consortium of the Inner Sea, much to the concern of the PFS. The Lantern Lodge may have been given access to PFS assets and information to ensure the Aspis/Golden alliance doesn’t become ‘out of check’. The Decemvirate view the merging of the Golden League and the Aspis as an event that must not occur, and Lantern Lodge faction members are always concerned about the two groups sharing resources. [See The Ruby Phoenix Tournament]

-The encroachment of Lingshen. The enormous military force of Lingshen represents a constant threat to both the independent successor states and political enemies of Lingshen (who may often find deadly ninjas sent after them) The Lantern Lodge may be secretly assisting independent successor states hold the line against Lingshen’s constant expansionist policies.

-Liberation of Wanshou. This is probably a losing battle, but see the goals above. There can be some possible alliances negotiated with the Andorans in this long-term goal? I think they'd like the chance to work together.

-Liberation from Taldor (?). What does the Lantern Lodge think about Amanandar? Do they want the Taldans to get the hell out? Do they despise the Taldan invaders but want to use diplomacy or aggression to leverage a retreat? Is establishment of the Lodge in the Inner Sea part of a bigger campaign to kick out the Taldans? I don't see these factions playing together nicely.

So what about you - what would you like to see the Lantern Lodge become?

Paizo Employee ***** Global Organized Play Coordinator

Stay tuned for Season 4. You WILL be pleasantly surprised.

Grand Lodge ****


Any info drops Brock?
Does Amara Li dislike the Taldans? (but is too polite to let it show?)
Do the Eagle Knights have the resources to begin deploying sleeper agents in Wanshou?
How much Kung fu can Tengu? Ten?

Paizo Employee ***** Global Organized Play Coordinator

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The only info drop I will give is that we have plotted out all 10 faction goals for the entirety of Season 4, as well as how Season 4 rolls into Season 5. The Grand Convocation (running in Seattle and the UK both) is going to be the best event in PFS history and will have lasting consequences that will be seen later in Season 4. The ending of Season 4 is going to be awesome with meaningful conclusions for both high and low level Pathfinders. We've got things planned, above and beyond the above, that haven't been seen in PFS before. It will require some patience and time to watch things evolve organically throughout season 4, but if people give us the benefit of the doubt, I am sure they will be thrilled at the direction PFS is taking.

I don't want to spoil any surprises, but more care is being given to PFS in regard to overall season storyline and faction storylines than ever before. The two round Gen Con special should be pretty awesome as well.

And if you give us your trust for Season 4, I promise Season 5 is going to be even more awesome. We just couldn't squeeze all the awesome that is coming into season 4. That is why we have the skeleton of Season 5 storyline already outlined!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Michael Brock wrote:
The Grand Convocation (running in Seattle and the UK both) is going to be the best event in PFS history and will have lasting consequences that will be seen later in Season 4.

Will there be anything telling those of us not privileged enough to attend the PaizoCons what happens in the Grand Convocation? Because I've never really heard anything about it in the past besides that the event happened. If its going to have such "long lasting consequences" it'd be nice to get a detailed summary of the events.

If not, then only those lucky enough to attend would know/care about the consequences.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Michael Brock wrote:
The two round Gen Con special should be pretty awesome as well.

Says who?

The Exchange ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
If not, then only those lucky enough to attend would know/care about the consequences.

Oh no, Clingenpeel, unless they make me sign an NDA to get into the Grand Convo, I intend to 'blog' the freak out of it AND encourage others to help me do that as well.

Much like last year's PFS PaizoCon 'Blog', I'll be doing the same this year.

I know you're most keen on hearing about Baird's delusions of power, VC Azmyth's raging partying, and rand'm minutiae from the Con, so I'll document them in as much detail as I can. And try to get awesome others to help me.

Not saying that it wouldn't be nice for Mike/Mark to do a better detailed review, but you'll get some of the gory details therein.


Paizo Employee ***** Global Organized Play Coordinator

I want to make sure we don't spoil too much since the Grand Convocation will run two weeks later at Paizo Con UK. But, yes, the info will be made available.

***** Venture-Captain, New Jersey aka Shivok

1 person marked this as a favorite.

damn this means I'm going to see if that military Space-A flight is open for the week of Paizocon.

Better start begging the wife right now....:0

Silver Crusade *

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Shivok, let me know if you need any info on the mchord afb amc flight schedules for the return. I can get that info for you as they are next door so to speak.

***** Venture-Captain, New Jersey aka Shivok

samerandomhero wrote:
Shivok, let me know if you need any info on the mchord afb amc flight schedules for the return. I can get that info for you as they are next door so to speak.

Thanks! Appreciate it. When the dates get closer I'll PM you.

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