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Welcome to the Venture-Lieutenant of Helsinki, Finland!

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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It is my pleasure and privilege to announce that I have appointed the first Venture-Lieutenant in Finland, Jussi Leinonen!

While I am based in Tampere and can shuttle back and forth occasionally, Jussi now has responsibility over the capital region of Finland and its teeming hordes.

Welcome to the club, Jussi!

Silver Crusade ****

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Greetings! VC Särkijärvi has, in his wisdom, designated me as the Venture Lieutenant for the Helsinki metropolitan area. If you live in or near, or plan to visit, the Helsinki area and are interested in playing or GMing Pathfinder Society, contact me at

I'm hardly the sort of PFS veteran as Jukka (with his Pathfinder number less than 2000 and all): I only started playing last August, but the great majority of my RPG gaming history has been 3.0, 3.5 and Pathfinder. Since last Fall, I've organized things together with the local veterans and some other enthusiastic newbies to revive the local Pathfinder Society scene around Helsinki. I'm happy to say we have found some success, and I plan to write something shortly on these boards about the experience we had on starting PFS here, because others trying to start their local Society might find it useful.

I'm also one of the four head organizers for this year's Ropecon, the biggest Nordic gaming convention. More about this in a later thread, hopefully. In real life (if you can call it that), I'm working on a PhD in atmospheric science.

The Exchange ***

Lol. Nice post Jussi. And congratulations and welcome.


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