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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Request for Official GW website: Guild Launch

Pathfinder Online

Goblin Squad Member

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One thing EA and Bioware did right was the guild launch program. I would love to see the GW website, whenever the game discussion officially moves there, have a similar system.

Each charter should be able to register and fill in details about their group. Each group would get a public and private forum along with pre-launch tools for setting permissions and ranking in the group that will translate into the game when the player joins the game.

This is not only a benefit for the players, but also GW, as they will have a good representation of what the interested population looks like, and an easy way to pick who they are letting in.

The problem with the SW:TOR guild launch was that is was over multiple servers and this caused issues, being a centralized game, those problems won't pop up.

One improvement would be to allow players to create their characters before they get into the game, and potentially use them like aliases in these forums. Of course, none of the character creation should be set in stone, and only consist of vague details, a player should have the chance to change everything about their character the first time they log that character into the game.

The more fun stuff we can do that involves the game before it launch, increases anticipation of the game.

Goblin Squad Member

I like it. Secret World is trying this too, although with only three factions.

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