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The Council of Thieves, as seen by Erkos the Cleric (spoilers)

Campaign Journals

Silver Crusade

Background on me. I'm Erkos, a Cleric of Besmara. I'm also a Tiefling, a pitborn Tiefling. In Westcrown, that's not a good thing, so it's not something I go telling people. Apparently my demon blood's from a Incubus. I suppose that explains a lot about me, of course... that could just be the elf blood. I'm not sure how I got myself into this, and I'm even less sure how I am going to get myself out of it. I don't think Besmara wants quitters on her ship, so that's out of the question. Plus, if I get to the vaults of these nobles... it will be a heist like no other. I'll make old Verdren proud yet. By the Pirate Queen, I miss that old Half-Orc. I'm keeping names out of this, except for mine in case this falls into the wrong hands. I can just jump city.

Fireday, 12 day of Kuthona.

This has been, officially, the worst night ever. I'm cold, I'm wet, and I reek of sewage. Yesterday was Ascendance day, and I spent it in a Devil Cursed sewer. I should have been out seducing men and women, and having a good time of a roll in the hay. Instead I dragged myself though the sewers of Westcrown with a the sorriest group of excuses for adventurers that you've ever seen.

We all joined up for different reasons, some because they want treasure. Some because they don't like the way Westcrown. Me, I joined because I hate devils and I want some gold. We were all recruited by the same woman, to "bring Westcrown back to glory". Traitor's words if I've ever heard them. But there were no gaurds nor hellknights around to hear, so it was not a dire thing.

Then it seemed her friend was captured, or so the fool who ran back to use told us. Didn't he know, never lead the hounds to your bolthole. Anyone who's been quarry before ought to know that. This boy brought a whole batallion of Hellknights with him. We did the only sane thing, we ran. We ran into the sewer. Said Sewer was three feet deep with raw waste. I was mortified, and made it my next objective to get cleaned off.

I'll count off those who are with me now.

There's a Dwarf. He doesn't seem that important, and seems to be rather stupid. Strong, and stupid. Though I feel sorry for him, he was up to his chin in raw sewage, and his foot was damaged in a fight. Unless he gets it seen to, I don't think he'll keep his foot. Maybe he'll even be lucky just loosing his foot. The sicknesses that come from sewage are terrible.

Next is an elf. The arrogant lump is a wizard, and apparently a target for anything that explodes, and any sort of... grossness. He fell down twice, and had at least two rats destroyed and plastering him with their... remains. I think he's coming down with filth fever, I may have to go steal him a anti-plague. He may be a pain in the ass who insulted me as soon as he met me, and a womanizer who refers to our guide as a "wench", but he's useful.

I felt a bond with the Half-Orc. Maybe it's just because my old mentor was a Half-Orc. I saw this man bring down several hellknight hopefuls. It was terrifying. I'll make it a note not to cross him. He looks like the type who could stand toe to toe with Asmodeus himself and stand a chance.

There's a human here too. Racist bastard, told me right to my face he doesn't trust me. Me, the one standing between him and the boneyard. Idiot. At least he's a good shot with a gun.

Here, in this hideout. Well, there's a Vanara. Never saw one in person. He hasn't talked to us yet.

I'll write more later, I'm going to go yell at the dwarf. His stench will give us away. He really needs to bathe.

Silver Crusade

Still Fireday, 12 day of Kuthona.

We spent some time resting, it was really all we could do since people were ill. I managed to heal the wizard, and a few others. The Varana helped me. He's a decent fellow. Really nice actually. A bit of a lech, tactless and a prankster, but he's got a good heart.

As we rested word of the leader, once again no names shall be mentioned, had fallen into the hands of the Hellknights of the rack. It feel to us to rescue him. The plan at first was simply to imcopacitate the hell knights. But... things went bad. Aside from the screaming squires who ran off crapping their pants... not a soul was left alive.

It was for the best, they had two hell hounds and a ceberi with them. The half-orc lost his eye to that beast, and nearly died. I stayed back from the battle.

We rescued the leader, while the orc cursed about his eye.

Then we talked to a rather abrasive theater fellow. The half-orc attempted to punch him, but punched the Vanara, this led to a small scuffle, but nothing bad.

With the aid of a spell, the theater singer (who seems to be a complete ass) smiled at us and gave us some tickets. They were cheap tickets.

We then went around town, trying to find a magical replacement eye for our half-orc friend. We didn't find any eyes...
But the elf found a girdle.

He is now a she.

The opera was okay, the phantom steed that we lent the ass of a singer vanished halfway though his preformance and he hurt his tenders. He talked to us after, but upon seeing that our elf was now a woman, he became very lechy and stared at her breasts the whole time.

13 of Kuthona

Last night we ran into some living shadows, we ran. They hurt the dwarf, but not badly, I was able to heal him with ease.

We've heard talk of goblins in the ruined part of the city to the north, so we went to fight them. They were not a problem at all, and were nearly all killed at once by the druid. However... before we destroyed them, the half-orc managed to charge in, miss even one and get his leg chopped off. I swear he's cursed by the gods...

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