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New Weapon for Alchemist help me design it

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Grand Lodge

First off, if this has been done before please let me know where I can find it.

I am getting ready to play an Alchemist for the first time, I have spoken to my DM and he is going to allow me create a custom weapon.
Here is my Idea:
Alchemical Cross-bow: Allows me to shoot bombs further then 20ft. I have thought about using a light cross bow as start and modifying the weapon to allow me to shoot my bombs out of it. The DM stated that it sounds like a great idea but he was thinking that the range would not be the full 80ft like a crossbow, I was thinking between 50-60ft
What feats, (yes, he is making me take the feats and what not for creating it) and other things might I do to be able to make this happen. We also talked about it using my extracts as well, (thinking to use on the party with healing pots)

Thanks for the help, I will post my idea here when I have more time

No need for either

Look at the explosive missile discovery (bombs at range) and the infusion discovery(others can use your extracts)

Don't forget you can use brew potions for the extracts compatible with potion-making.(like cure light wounds)

Grand Lodge

well, that is a good catch, I wish I would have looked at that beforehand.
Trust me, The Potion making was a huge part of it for me, I think that in the party that I have so far that I might be the main healer. ouch... Luckly I am able to take 3 weeks of Non-game time to make potions, the GM is a great guy, so I figure with what I have read and what I was explained, I should be able to make 30 cure light pots ( 2 per day)

dang, I was hoping this was going to be some kind of bomb melee weapon....

As for your crossbow, maybe some special ammunition?

Another possibility would be a +1 conductive crossbow, which would use up your daily allotment of bombs pretty fast.

BANGARANG: A boomerang bomb.

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Ishmell wrote:
dang, I was hoping this was going to be some kind of bomb melee weapon....

How about a gonzo bomb hammer?

Bomb Hammer (Exotic Weapon, One-Handed Melee)
Cost: 20 gp
Dmg (S): 1d6
Dmg (M): 1d8
Critical: x3
Range: -
Weight: 6 lbs.
Type: B
Special: see text

Bomb Hammer This hammer is shaped like a warhammer except a circular hole has been made in the hammers face and the hammer head is larger to reinforce the hole. As a standard action, a single alchemist's bomb or similar item may be fitted in the hole. A successful hit will detonate the bomb or item, increasing the bomb or item damage by +50%. On a critical hit the bomb or item damage is increased by +100%. A miss has a cumulative 10% chance of detonating the bomb or item. If the wielder rolls a natural one on the attack roll, the bomb hammer is destroyed, dealing the bomb or item damage plus the base damage for the bomb hammer to the weilder.

Dark Archive

3.0 had arrows that you could put alchemical stuff in, ther're in arms and equipment

also launching crossbow

Crossbow, launching 75 gp range 30 ft. 8 lbs.

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