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Equipment Question M.2


Hey all so another question just came to me.

Currently I am playing an Oracle 1.

I plan to multiclass into Barbarian and am thinking Armored Hulk.

If I spend 2PP on Masterwork Halfplate it is worth 0Gp for resale.

If i then pay 1,000Gp to make it +1 is it still worth 0Gp? or can I sell it for 500Gp? (Half of the 1k)

On another note, if I have a Dex of 12 (+1) is it worth it to drop 2PP on armor I am going to upgrade to full plate ASAP?

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Let's turn to page 22 of the PFS Guide:

Once per session, you can acquire any single item of this cost or less from your faction by spending the appropriate PP. Items purchased this way are worth 0 gp and cannot be sold.

It doesn't matter what you do to it, you cannot sell it.

I would say save up for full plate and then advance it from there. I always go for the cheapest armor then save up for what I want (within reason). Reason is that its mostly high dice rolling that hits you in the begining instead of their modifiers.

Have fun with your character.

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Nebten has the right of it. You can never sell an item that you acquire via Prestige.

As for spending it on intermediate armor, I agree that it's not worth it to do so. Prestige points come in at a (relatively) steady pace, while gold replaces itself faster and faster as you level. Use gold to purchase some (non-masterwork, IMO) medium armor until you have enough to buy your "final" armor.

KK, thanks guys.

If I average 350 an adventure I should hit MW Fullplate in 4 more, so midway through 2nd. thats not too bad.

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

My only heavy-armor-wearing PC got his when he hit 3rd, so that seems about right (I got slowed down a bit due to being unaware of wands of CLW and therefore spending a lot on potions in early levels).

Honestly I'm on the fence about the build anyway.

Currently he is a Oracle 1 (Dual cursed, Haunted and Lame)

So he has a 30 Base- 10 Lame= 20 Move- 5 Medium armor= 15' Move rate

I will be takeing Barbarian at 2nd and had planned on going vanilla for the fast movement.

But that only puts me at 20 in armor. Not a large improvement.

So now I am thinking armored hulk. Eventualy I will go faster then vanilla but will equal it at barb 2 (character 3)

I also have to decide if he is a Oracle with 1 barbarian level, or a barbarian with one oracle level.

If i go mostly barbarian I will be rage-cycling at 9th.

Honestly I'm lost with the build :)

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