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New Xane Page


Come on over and enjoy a high fantasy comic about an undead warrior, and a swashbuckling kobold trying to find their way in an imperfect utopia.
The comic Page.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

New Xane is up for the week of 5/14/12. Come on by, enjoy the tale.

Xane comes back around, 5/31/12. Remember the fallen, respect those still fighting.

Hey, it's 6/4 and the arena's getting a little small for Xane and Vinny Here.

So he might have ditched out a little, 6/11's page proves rogues aren't all useless cowards. But we didn't think that, did we. Come on over for a looksee at our comic.

It's monday, another Xane page is up for your pleasure.Xane

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