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Shadow Lodge

So I've been compiling some of these and haven't posted any for awhile, so I figured I'd get them all up at once for people to see. Not all of them are original ideas (and I'll mark those, don't worry), but I'd like to hear feed back on them anyway. Especially if the original poster(s) of the idea has a comment.

Force Push:

School: evocation (force) Level: cleric, magus, summoner, sor/wiz, witch 1 bard, druid, hedge doctor, inquisitor, ranger, paladin 2
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Components: somatic
Range: touch
Targets: one creature touched
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude partial (see text) Spell Resistance: yes
Creating a pulse of energy, this spell forces a target 5 feet back from the caster and knocked prone. A Fortitude save prevents the target falling prone, beating the save by +10 or more instead forces the caster back 5 feet. The target gets any bonus they would normally get against trip attempts as bonuses to this save; creatures 2 size categories or larger than the caster gets a +2 bonus to their save for each size category they are bigger than the caster. The inverse is true for smaller creatures. If the target is flying and fails its save, it drops 60 feet per round (or until it fits a solid surface). Each round it is still air-borne it can make a fly check (DC equal to the Fortitude save) to right itself or it drops another 60 feet.
This one came about from a mix of things. There is the obvious Jedi influence, but the Mass Force Push is original spell and it comes from the first Fable game and the similiar spell there (it was my favorite).

Force Push, Mass:

School: evocation (force) Level: all casters 3
Casting Time: 1 full round action
Components: somatic
Range: 10 feet
Target: one creature/level in a 10 foot radius centered on the caster
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude partial (see text) Spell Resistance: yes
This spell acts like force push, except that affects all creatures within a 10 foot radius.

These next two came from another thread on the boards, Favorit Item (That Your GM Approved). I liked them so much, I copy+pasted and brewed up stats for them.

Force Hook:

Aura: moderate Transmutation CL: 9th Slot: none Weight: 4 lbs Price: 300,100 gp
A long metal chain shoots forth from its fist sized casing, the barbed hook catching on the target area. The chain can reach a distance of 50 feet and will stick to any surface at least 1 square foot in size. It will support up to 500 lbs, although more expensive models have longer chains and/or heavier weight limits. Small objects can be pulled towards the user; if the object weighs more than the wielder, it requires a strength check or else be pulled towards the object. It can also be used as a swing or a grappling hook to climb. When desired, the command word (release) will disengage the hook from where it is attached.
CONSTRUCTION: Craft Wondrous Item, stick, telekinesis; Cost: 150,050 gp
Note on this one, the spell stick is a homebrewed spell not lisited in this post. But it is a 0 level spell for a Wizard. Also, I'm not to happy on the price of this one; it follows the formulae, but it still seems to expensive to be affordable when it'll actually be of use to a party. Opinions on that?


This enchantment is placed on a suite of armor, the armor absorbs a weapon or shield into it and changes form accordingly, always adopting the appearance of an animal. The animals head drapes over the wearer’s like a helmet, the front legs come down their arms and the animals paws cover their hands, making it appear as though they are attacking with a creature’s claws. When worn, the character still counts as being armed and all feats related to a specific weapon still affect the one absorbed into the armor and all special weapon properties still apply, ie attacks made are still considered to be made by the weapon that was absorbed. This enchantment will not work on weapons with reach, ranged weapons, tower shields, weapons that the bearer is not proficient in, or anything too large for the wearer of the armor to wield proficiently.
Armor Animal Skin:
Slashing Weapon: Bear, Cheetah or Wolf
Slashing Weapon and Shield: Lion, Dire Bear or Leopard
Piercing Weapon: Snake, Elk, or Scorpion
Piercing Weapon and Shield: Rhinoceros, Elephant or Crocodile
Bludgeoning Weapon: Ram, Hippopotamus or Pachycephalosaurus
Bludgeoning Weapon and Shield: Gorilla, Kangaroo or Ankylosaurus
Slashing and Piercing Weapon: Wolverine, Raptor or Badger
Slashing and Bludgeoning Weapon: Horse, Owlbear or Tiger
Piercing and Bludgeoning Weapon: Caribou, Boar or Bison
Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning Weapon: Crocalganger, Were-Bear or Drake
Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning Weapon and Shield: Two-Headed Dog Bear, Were-Tiger or Dragon
The character still has use of their hands, but still gains the benefits of the equipment absorbed into the armor (as well as the armor itself), but cannot be forced to drop them. Any sunder attempts targeting a specific hand still affect the weapon or shield as normal. If a creature doesn’t have claws at the “hands”, whatever form of attack it uses it replace them (horns will come out of backs of the “hands” or teeth will line them) when the character wearing the armor makes an attack.
Aura: strong Transmutation CL: 10th Price: +3 bonus
This one has some of the best imagery that I'd ever seen, but it is kind of a logistics nightmare. If anyone can find a better, smoother way to word this, I'd be much appreciative.

Adventurer's Bag:

Aura: Transmutation CL: 9th Slot: none Price: see below Weight: see below
Popular amongst professional adventurers who value always being prepared, but don’t want to lug around every potentially useful piece of equipment. These bags are the size and shape of a normal bag, are an observer could easily mistake it for a bag of holding. But instead of storing items an adventurer has placed within, they instead create the requested item when it is needed. These bags can be used to create any non-magical item from that is considered “adventuring gear”, up to a certain amount of gp value (listed below), and can only create an item up to a specified weight limit. Pulling an item from the back is a move equivalent action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Bag Total Item Market
Bag Weight GP Limit Weight Limit Price
Type I 1 lb 100 gp 10 lb 2500 gp
Type II 2 lb 250 gp 20 lb 5000 gp
Type III 3lb 500 gp 50 lb 10000 gp

When the gp limit for a bag has been exhausted, or if the owner simply wishes to refresh it, he must put the amount in gp that will bring it back up to its maximum value in the bag and have a spell caster capable of creating an adventurer’s bag cast fabricate on it. This restores the bag back to full usefulness. If an item is placed within, the bag will act as a normal sack and its magic will not work until all items are removed from it.
CONSTRUCTION: Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate; Cost: 1250 gp (type I), 2500 gp (type II), 5000 gp (type III)

This idea sprung up from the deep pockets ability, and I thought "Hey, this would be so much easier for higher level characters than just dumping everything into a portable hole".

Bag of Duplication:

Aura: Transmutation CL: 9th Slot: none Price: 2000 gp Weight: 5 lbs
This sack will clone an item placed within it. In one minute, an item placed within the bag will be duplicated exactly, down to the finest detail. The bag works only on non-magical items that weigh less than 10 lbs, and has no effect on precious or rare materials. Placing or retrieving an item from the bag is considered a swift action and does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
CONSTRUCTION: Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate; Cost: 1000 gp
Biggest challenge on this one was making sure it wasn't easy to abuse for wealth.

Smoking Pipe:

Aura: faint Conjuration (creation) CL: 3rd Slot: none Price: 9720 gp Weight: 1 lb
This item is used to create a cloud around the smoker. Three times per day, a person using the pipe while it is lit can use it to create the effect of obscuring mist. This effect is centered on the smoker and is treated as though cast by a 3rd level caster. In addition, the user may instead expend all three charges at once to create the effects of fog cloud.
CONSTRUCTION: Craft Wondrous Item, obscuring mist, fog cloud Cost: 4860 gp
This one I'm proud of for its simplicity. Easy to use, easy to understand.

All right folks, that's all I've got for you today. Some of the things I've made I'm keeping (RPG Superstar hopes for some of them; just have to pick one), and some really need to be play tested before they're "finished". But what do you think of these?

Also, I know I've made some spelling errors. Never been my strong point.

Shadow Lodge

Come on guys, help me out here. Unlike other boards, I actually respect the opinion of most of the people on this site.

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