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Life's Bazaar: PC's taking their time cleaning out the place.

Shackled City Adventure Path

So the status is like this, PC's have cleared out about half of Jzadirune and driven out the remaining dark one's and skulks (they fled with their loot to the underdark, Kazmojen doesn't know that.) Ghelve's locks has a dozen town watch guarding the place, with PC's and Stormblades (the latter yet to only have succeeded on providing comic relief) making forays.

They have also made their way into area M22 (direct route, more or less), and killed or captured (and not handed over to the town guard) like 16 Hobgoblins. They've definitely raised the alarm, though they retreated to the surface.

Now they're considering to clear out the rest of Jzadirune and resting before going back down into the Malachite fortress.

I as a DM have two considerations to make:

#1: stormblades and Jzadirune, how much of it does it make sense for them to have cleared out? (Northernmost part remain unexplored by PC's). They've had a day, more or less, to work on it. Although a fun idea is to have the Raggamoffyn's taken stormblades captive.

#2: What does Kazmojen do? Shore up defenses? How? Flee?
Pyllrak takes off with the four children? (Terrem isn't important in my story).

Logic might suggest that he takes all of his wealth and marches out, slaves in tow. The PC's knows how to track, so that shouldn't be the end of it.

Grand Lodge

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I would have Kazmojen call in contracts for extra guards. When one of my parties stormed in, slew a bunch of guards, and then negotiated for the 'purchase' of the children, the fighter told him to 'get better guards' when Kaz complained about the killing.

When they returned later to collect their 'slaves', he met them with a party of drow mercenaries.

It all depends on how badly Kazmojen wants to keep his fortress. Safe havens in the Underdark are rare, and ones with access to product and market are golden. He may think he can handle one adventuring party, or he may not be able to move his hoard easily. However, he may also not be prepared to take on the entire town guard and two adventuring parties, or just realize his hold is compromised and cut losses to run.

Throwing in some mercenary Drows would be interesting, though in such a case, there must be some sort of civilization within a day's march, and that would come along with a bunch of questions on what sort of consequences this already would have had for the Cauldron region, and would have for the remainder of the story.

Now there's a thought, we know of one other entrance to the underdark nearby (Crazy Jared), there might be another in the direction of Kingfisher Hollow (where Vervil Ashmantle are holed up) which might be an angle to get some half orc mercenaries in, give more blue duke foreshadowing.

Grand Lodge

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There's already a civilization nearby. How else does he sell his slaves? Even if it isn't a drow civilization, that doesn't mean it couldn't have ex-pat male drow mercs hanging around for contracts.

The question is how close. Addition of an underdark trading post would be fun though.

Honestly, Kazmojen must realize that his operation is compromised and that it's best to pack up and leave. So I think we're looking at how long it takes for him and his goblins to leave, slaves in tow. Pyllrak probably accompanies them, his Lemures dead.

All in all, what's left in the Malachite Fortress is:
Hobgoblins: 10
Goblins: 5
Hammerer Automatons: 2
Slaves: 13

So lots that can be done with that.

Maevis wrote:
Now they're considering to clear out the rest of Jzadirune and resting before going back down into the Malachite fortress.

Do they have an inkling that the hobgoblins are guarding a slave market and that the kids are down there? If so, it seems kind of strange to suddenly say "forget the kids, they'll be fine; let's look around this gnome place instead".

So I think the following happens depending on how many times PC's rests:
1: All slaves will be moved to the cells, goblins are sent up as a scouting party, will figure out that Ghelve's locks are heavily guarded. The lift between Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress is sabotaged*. All slaves moved to cells, remaining hostiles organize themselves for the best possible defense.
2: They leave for the underdark, slaves in tow.
96h after: They arrive at underdark trading post.
120h after: Pyllrak hires some guards and drags the children away, Kazmojen sets up shop and sells 1d4 slaves per day, and then disappears.

If the PC's fail to rescue the children and bring Kazmojen to to be them.

*Thinking like it's rigged such that instead of descending at 20f/round, it falls down and deals 6D6 falling damage, with a group of (hob)goblins assaulting them while they're prone and hurting.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

That's a nasty trap... I love it!

My group had a similar issue, where they went back to the surface with their loot and the first few prisoners after clearing out the Forge area. This battle alerted the baracks and main room, and as a result about 2/3 of the hobs were killed. The party then rested on the surface and healed for about a day. In the meantime, I figured Kaz had called in reinforcements from the underdark (or the mercenaries introduced in chapter 2), and he had replenished most of his lost hobbies. I also considered hiding some of his loot in the empty cells, but never went through w/ that idea (figuring the mimic was a better guard, and that they'd get to the cells eventually anyway).

On a slightly related note my group just got through Jzadirune. The Adventurers had just gotten Kaz to his last legs when the Beholder showed up. he petrified Kaz in an effort to save the slavers life and still appear to help the PC's. I am hoping to bring Kaz back in foundations of flame with blackguard levels and a squad of drow hoping to pick up a few slaves in the confusion before retreating back to the underdark. when he sees the PC's he'll attempt to take them as slaves.

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