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Second Darkness Interest check for Players and GM


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This one is honored to present herself.
smirking slightly. "Which is to say I have stats & such-like posted now."
Though 'figuratively' without raiment, it is my hope that what may now be known about myself meets with the 'powers' august approval?
I have not yet selected starting equipment but I expect to travel light. I will have more regarding physical description later as well.

I too am now ready to roll some dice.

Gonna win me a gamblin' tournament ^^

I have cleaned up & better organized my sheet some, also worked out my gear. Should have a description & ideas for past interactions later today. I figure I have been rambling about the inns & taverns of Riddleport for the last five years or so (practically no time for an Elf), long enough to be "Yeah, I know her" but not really a figure on any of the player's radar. If she has a reputation it is more as the 'hot but ditsy elven dancer' than as the 'strange, foreign elf witch with the scary hair...' Likewise, while I've payed attention to individuals who have crossed my path, I haven't really taken the time to 'plot out' who's who (hence my lack of any kind of a Knowledge: Local rank)

Please mosey on to the discussion thread here and say howdy.

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