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Golarion Specific Monsters


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Now that Paizo has announced the Innersea Bestiary I thought it would be nice to list Golarion specific monsters from Innersea guide and other sources.

The Great Spawn of Rovagug(AP#24)
1)Festering Ulunat, The Unholy First
2)Great Doom Chemnosit, The Monarch Worm
3)The Tarrasgue, The Armageddon Engine(stats in Bestiary I)
4)Unyielding Kothogaz, The Dance of Disharmony
5)wrath-Blazing Xotani, The Firebleeder(3.5 stats in AP#24)
6)Volnagur The End Singer

So it would cool to list all the Golarion specific monsters and races mention but not stated up yet. Yes I know the tarrasque is not not new but at least he has an interesting origin story and is part of the list. Sources like the Innersea guide, Distant worlds, and any Golarion specific setting books would be nice. Also putting the creatures name and wich book you got it from would be nice, particularly page number.

Paizo Employee Developer

Maybe this thread will help.


Moved thread.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

That thread that Adam linked to having been the official "crowd source for monsters" thread for the Inner Sea Bestiary in the first place, of course! :P

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