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Homeowner Charged In Shooting Of Burglar

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A Medical Lake homeowner, attempting to protect his illegally grown marijuana, has been charged in Superior Court on second degree assault, in the December shooting of the 14 year old boy accused of trying to steal it. Justin Jeffrey Brown, along with his wife, Melissa Ann, also faces charges of growing and possessing marijuana at his home on North Grant Avenue. According to detectives, the 14 year old boy and a friend had gone to the home because they had, allegedly, stolen plants there before. When the home’s security motion sensor alarm went off, Brown responded with a .45 caliber handgun and allegedly shot the boy as he tried to leave the growing room. The injured boys accomplice, reportedly, ran home and told his parents, who contacted the police shortly after.

The Browns reported to police that they had been issued a medical marijuana growing license, but that it had expired and they had only been cultivating the plants for a month. During a search of the Brown’s property, however, evidence was obtained indicating a much larger operation and the accomplice told police he had taken plants and paraphernalia back in December of 2011.

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I think this goes in the Today in the News Thread

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