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Hi, I'm Talzhemir. You might not know my name, but I'm one of the early creators on Furcadia. For the past couple of years I've been working in the paper games industry developing new RPG products. The company I work with is UNIgames.

We've just finishing up our new RPG, "Cavemaster" but you know what we're doing next? It's a game called "Quicksilver". There's a standalone version that runs on 2d10 dice rolls. (Eventually, this is the system that can be used for an official Furcadia RPG.)

For everybody who plays Pathfinder, we're creating the Quicksilver worldbook (classes, prestige classes, monsters, and more!). Quicksilver features psionics and (light) horror.

This sums it up, here:

Quicksilver is a fantasy role-playing game set in the Kingdom of Seloria, where subjugated Goblins and visiting Elves vie with the ruling humans for possession and mastery of the precious magical metal, Quicksilver! Skilled quicksilversmiths can shape and enchant it with their own psychic power.

But beware! The more of it you shape, and the more power you grant it, the more likely it is to awaken - with an inimical mind of its own...

Utilizing UNIgames' highly successful Pocket Universe system, the stand-alone game includes rules for six player races, 52 advantages and disadvantages, 58 skills, 10 sorcerous disciplines, quicksilver manipulation, and extensive information on the Kingdom of Seloria and its world.

We've got Mike Nystul (author of "Whispering Vault" and MANY other published RPG titles) on design. The amazing Jeff Dee is lined up for the art. The cover is by Denis Loubet. The project includes a full adventure by Jeff Dee.

The package also includes 20 pages of creature stand-ups by me (Talzhemir).

Please, won't you join our team as a Backer? Be our knight in shining armor-- we need you. Backers earn Backer Rewards and receive dev staff updates.

Here is our official Kickstarter page.

I'm surprised Furcadia would go so far for advertising. It's just rude to advertise on another company's forums.. Especially in the MAIN forum for their product...

*shakes head* I was thinking of getting back to Furcadia, but now, I don't think I will.

Just a heads up how rude this thread is.

Edit: Then again, if I'm misunderstanding the post (it IS 5 AM after all), don't mind me :p.

I think the reason for coming here is that they are doing a Pathfinder sourcebook in addition to their own rulebook.

Umbranus wrote:

I think the reason for coming here is that they are doing a Pathfinder sourcebook in addition to their own rulebook.

This is what happens when one can't sleep and has been awake for nearly 30 hours. Having some serious terri-bad insomnia at the moment, not even sleep-aids are helping much. I'll have to take a look when I finally manage to hit the hay, lol.

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

Moved thread.

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