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High level wizard school feats.

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I had this idea for wizards whom more specificaly specialized in certain areas of their Primary school.

I was thinking this could be done by the introduction of wizard discoveries. there might be arch necromancer discoveries or arch Conjuror. Things like that, they would have prerequisites that you need to be a specialist wizard in a certain school.

Any ideas on a specific one?

The 3.5 Complete Mage might be a good place to look for ideas. Though the reserve feats and school focus feats generally had fairly mild, albeit flavorful, effects.

Hmm i would want them to be more powerful to mimic the relitive power level of high level discoveries.

I was thinking about picking apart a bunch of old Presteige classes and makeing their abilities into these high level Wizard discoveries.

Initiatate of the Sevenfold Veil for Abjurers?

Blood Magus for Necromancers?

Mage of the Arcane Order for Generalists?

There was a good one for Enchanters too, but I can't remember the name of the class, just the picture that went along with it; a mage mind was either a bugbear or a minotaur. It's in Complete Arcane.

Alienist for Conjurer?

So on and so forth?

yeah something along those lines. to give some more mileage out of the older stuff without converting every blody class.

There was the Master Specialist PrC from Complete Mage, although I remember the abilities granted as being middling.

ohhh ok. thanks.

The Specialist Wizard Variants from Umearthed Arcana can give some good ideas for arcane discoveries too.

Ohh thanks thats a really good place to start :)


Seriously, that was my favorite prestige class in all of 3.5.

blahpers wrote:


Seriously, that was my favorite prestige class in all of 3.5.

If I had to choose mine it would probably be so as well. It is at least in my top three.

Alienists always seemed kinda Bland to me.

Only their crunch is bland. Their fluff is delicious.

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