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I am running a monthly home game based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind using the Pathfinder rule set. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me as I wish to keep this as long running campaign? I have adapted the classes to fit the world but left the core rules in place. I gave the arcane casters access to healing and tweeked some online representations of the Mord Sith and Confessor classes. I have set the story twenty years after the book Confessor and am not using the book Omen Machine. I have run one session so far and it seemed to work fairly well. I also stated out a gar based on the girillon from the bestiary. Thoughts or input would be appreciated. MY basic plotline is elves have entered the world from a new dimensional riftt that they opened and no one knows how to take them yet.


Read all the Sword of Truth books in six weeks this summer (deployed, lot of free time on my hands). I'm intrigued by your concept!

Is 20 years long enough for the Confessors to repopulate their numbers?

How did you tweak the magic system to the Additive/Subtractive magic in the series?

Do Wizards still have the 'Test of Pain' or did Richard change that when he had control of the Power of Orden?

I have a ton of questions and would really like to see/hear what you've done so far.

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