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Help with Earth like spell / Elemental

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I was thinking of a spell or such where the caster summons up and controls a large or bigger version of himself but its made completely of earth.

Flavor txt exp.

The goblin Earth master steps up to the gates of the city and raises his hands in the air. Suddenly to very large Earthy claws sprouts from the earth as pulling what appears to be a giant stone goblin out of the ground. It then mimics the goblins every move as if being controlled by the creature and lay waste to the wall in front of it.

I can see the goblin standing on it or even it may be like a shaped elemental.

What are some opinions on what this could be and if its new how can it be work in with out being OMG over balanced?

Is it possible to just do it as flavor txt for summoning a elemental? Still looking for thoughts and ideas.

thats how I'd do it. talk to your DM and ask

I m gonna run a game soon and I working on some ideas and such. Its nice to get opinions and ideas.

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