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The Dead Bard Tavern (an adventurers in waiting thead)


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The rules are simple you be a mostly complete person. i wont have any disembody voices floating around. if your going to fight do so out side. other then that come have a drink, eat, talk, boast, do what ever you adventurers do

This is a place to roll play and advertise your pc you would like to play in a as often as you would in a game and show off your role playing skills. have some why for a dm to reach you in your pc's profile. have fun

The quiet spoken Tian looks to the Bartender and merely inclines his head at the mans good manners. Such was not lauded where he came from, simply expected of one doing service to his proffession. The tattooed face scans the crowd, was his next employer there? Or simply his next opponent?

So far he had faced so many trials to get here, yet his fate remained a mystery. The effort to contain his arcane energies was a constant battle. Were he not to find conflict soon he feared he would eventually scorch the earth outside to refrain from losing control in here.
He waited...

(Porter looks over at the at the strange traveler, a small whisper comes form a glowing orb floating by him. porter waves the orb off)

To Kenji: you look like a hard liquor man I enjoy it my self good for those with burdens.

(spinning the wiskey in his glass)
Quite day uh?

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