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Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Another Question to Respond to.

You can't become the Guild Master if you are not a primary member of said guild/subgroup. This is mostly because a Guild Master's primary focus should be that of his own Guild/subgroup.

In other news ITS FRIDAY! How's everyone doing?

Goblin Squad Member

Keovar wrote:
LazyLeopards wrote:

All of which I need to read up on. :P My hubby is the one who knows the Pathfinder world better than me - so I'm not quite up to tossing around meaningful references just yet.

And yes, I've just sent my registration for the message board. (LadyLeopard).

Ah, those are organizations we've created. They should fit Golarion world lore well enough, but they aren't borrowed from it.

That would help explain why they didn't sound familiar at all. :P I'll check up on them on the message board.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Hmm well my computer died over the weekend. Well I think just the Hard Drive died. Or something with windows that isn't allowing me to boot anymore. Might take like 2 weeks for me to get set up again. Probably longer. Crappy timing.

How was everyone elses weekend?

Goblin Squad Member

Well, that sucks. Are you tech savvy enough to try and fix it? If not I can try and help. Also saw the hobbit it was good, and this summer is gonna be awesome for movies.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I am not very tech savy unfourtunately. The Bios is working but, there is an error when it tries to boot windows. All I get is a blank screen with a single flashing icon. I figure either the hard drive is malfunctioning or it might be a windows error. I don't have any of my back-up or installation disks till I head back home on the 29th.

Goblin Squad Member

If you have anything plugged into the USB slot pull them and try to restart. Sometime the peripherals will play havoc at start up.

At least it is a shot.

Have you tried to start in Safe Mode by pressing F8 after the initial splash screen?


Goblin Squad Member

Yeah sounds like its trying to boot from something else like usb/cd, or part of your boot sector got corrupted. Which you need either the original disk to fix or have the ability to download something else to run and fix it with something else you boot from. Which looks like you won't have until the 29th, sucks man :(

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Yeah. I have done the basic stuff. Removed all externals and removing all power before try to re-start. It doesn't even get far enough into the boot where I can use F8. The best I can do is F2 to look around in BIOS. Thats about it.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Does your BIOS recognize your hard drive?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I get a list of 3 items. The first being my hardrive and the last being my dvd drive. The 2nd seems to be a partition as it cannot boot from it. Otherwise it seems the BIOS seems to be running fine.

Goblinworks Executive Founder

You're getting something besides an "unable to find operating system" error, right? That narrows it down some. Do you have any bootable media available, like a recovery CD or bootable USB drive?

Goblin Squad Member

Yup sounds like the boot sector of the disk is corrupted. If you had your media and had/made Windows Recovery Disks you MIGHT be able to correct it...assuming that's the only error...alot of times when that happens you are looking at more extensive issues though.

Generaly if the BIOS recognizes the Drive then your drive controler and motherbored are ok, the disk itself may (or may not) have some bad sectors.

It's a kinda weird issue but I've seen it happen a few times. Make sure the Power Supply fan is running. I've encountered a few systems where the Power Supply went but not completely and was only producing enough power to partialy supply components. All sorts of weird things can happen in that case. If the disk isn't spinning at the proper rate, it won't read the boot sector properly. It's a longshot, but a cheap/easy fix if that's the case. Sure way to tell is if the fan on the power supply won't run (assuming it's a desktop not a laptop).

If it's a factory install, depending upon the computer, an alternate partition will often include pre-installed diagnostics. You access them in a similar fashion to your BIOS, you can google how for your specific make and model. If you have them, they are safe to run and can tell you if there is anything going on hardware wise...can't tell you if your OS is hosed though.

Goblin Squad Member

Its a laptop.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Yeah I won't have access to my back-up disks and the like until the 29th.

In other news everyone should take a look at this!
Got a message from the devs.

Goblin Squad Member

JakBlitz wrote:

Yeah I won't have access to my back-up disks and the like until the 29th.

In other news everyone should take a look at this!
Got a message from the devs.

You could have them rush delivered to you.

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

Below is our new thread with our new name. Please do not add further replies here. If a moderator can lock this thread at this point, that would be helpful.

Thanks for your interest!
The Empyrean Order

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