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Classes Summary Chart?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

Hey, I pretty new around here. I am currently playing through the Beginner's Box with my kids and nephews and we having a blast.

Eventually we will get to creating our own characters (using pregens now of course), and I am wondering if anyone knows of a chart or spreadsheet (or webpage) that lists all the classes and then summarizes class distinctions in columns (I realize that not all class differences can be summed up in a column, but many things could be) or something like that. Anyone know?

Thanks. And from what I have seen in these forums over the last week or so is that this community's friendliness is an internet anomaly--I literally have not seen one flame. There is the occasional sarcasm (which I can appreciate), but almost always friendly and helpful (complete opposite of most forums as you well know). Makes be glad to be here.

Liberty's Edge

I don't know of any comparison charts like you describe, but all the Classes are listed in both the SRD and PRD.

I can try and whip up a chart, if you like, but it's late so that's very much not happening tonight.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing is making a spreadsheet up. I wanted to check with the community first though to make sure there is not something already done so that I am not duplicating work. If I make a Class Summary Comparison Chart I would learn a lot about the classes by doing it too.

Here's a first try. I am open to any suggestions.

Download link: Class Summary v0.1

If it looks like I don't understand something right, it's probably true so please let me know.

I didn't get to see the list, but if had been a pdf (or pft 'PathFinDer') I propbably could.
I have made several ventures into making a spreadsheet (by hand at first, so as to get an idea of which way to go), but I didn't get very far and could never find the notebook I started in the first place and had to start again...and again...etc.
I am starting over again, but this time on the pc and continuing when I have the time.
Have you finished or gotten further on this endeavor?

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