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MultiClass Archetypes III: The Return of the MCA

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Hey MCA peeps, my next project is going to be an elemental shaman style druid. Any suggestions on what other spellcasting class I should mix in with it?

Actually, Iorthol, we prefer to only see one from each individual at a time, to avoid overflow and let us stay focused and get them done nice and proper.

If you want to see your MCA's make it to the wiki, take it one step at a time. >:3

I'll comment on your submission late tonight or some point tomorrow.

Well hey, I can still work on it, just not submit it for a while~

Iorthol wrote:
Hey MCA peeps, my next project is going to be an elemental shaman style druid. Any suggestions on what other spellcasting class I should mix in with it?

Well simply put...

* Druid/Sorceror with elemental bloodlines.
* Druid/Oracle with elemental mysteries
* Druid/Cleric with elemental domains.
* Druid/Witch with Elements/Water/Winter etc Patron

- Those scream "shaman" to me. Alternatively just swap the primaries around and focus on the cleric or arcane function rather than the Druid...

Now more gonzo (read "exciting"/"nontraditional")...

* You could go Summoner/Druid and "summon/evoke" either elemental companions/naturebeasties or synthesist-style elemental mecha/armor suit.


* Druid/Summoner and synergise the familiar with some elemental power.


* Druid/Bard or Bard/Druid - Elemental Singer/Tribal Shaman check out the Dreamweaver on the wiki for the approach there....

I'll post more if I think of it....

Looking at making a fighter/elementalist wizard who can only cast spells from the list of elemental spells for their element and a reduced number of spells per day. Thinking 6 lvl max. No heavy armor, bravery and reduced weapon and armour training.

@Iorthol: Yes please, one at a time is best.

@Browman: There is no Ftr/Wiz of any sort yet so you are good to go.

You should be able to do the Ftr/Wiz (elementalist) with d8, up to level 6 spells, 2 + Int for points, light/med armor to make him quick and maneuverable. And with the very limited spell list you may want to incorporate some weapon channeling of elemental energy, perhaps giving him the "conductive" weapon property, which would allow him to channel school powers. Just some thoughts.

When you post, make sure you present it in our prefered format, like Iorthol did. Thanks!

Brow: Don't forget to spice up this wizard fighter MCA so that it's not a lesser magus. Maybe come up with a spellsword style that's in some way different from the Spellcombat ability, but still is a blend of the 2 disciplines.

An idea just came to mind of a wizard fighter that specs in hurling spell-charged melee weapons at the badguys, similar to the Chakrams from Kingdoms of Amalur. Maybe start at low levels being able to bestow returning on thrown weapons as a swift action, and later gaining abilities that allow you to attach spells to these attacks. I don't Think this is a thing Magi can do in RAW yet.

It would lend well to front line feel of a fighter with the distance required to support the fragility of a wizard.

Maybe I'll make some magus arcana that does this, since I am on the subject of writing a magus MCA. Hm..

So this is my first draft of the Fighter/ Elemental Wizard I came up with. Warning some wall of text in spoilers.

Elemental Blade:

Elemental Blade
The majority of fighters are trained solely with martial techniques, elemental blades are fighters with the smallest spark of arcane talent. Their trainers focus this talent into an elemental focus allowing them to cast an extremely limited selection of spells, though this comes at a cost to their martial skills.

Primary Class: Fighter

Secondary Class: Wizard (Elemental)

Alignment: Any

Hit Dice: d8

¾ BAB, Good Fort

Skills: The elemental blade adds his 3 wizard skills to his list of fighter skills. He gains 2+Int modifier ranks each level

Weapon and armour proficiency: An elemental blade is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armour and light and heavy shields (but not tower shields).

Elemental spells: An elemental blade can cast spells following the spell progression listed below, and he chooses one of the following elements: air, earth, fire, and water. His spells are drawn from the elemental wizard spell list of his element. He knows all spells from this list for any levels he can cast, but must prepare his spells once a day as a prepared spellcaster. He has no spell failure chance while casting these spells. He uses his Intelligence to cast spells and gains bonus spells following the normal table.

Elemental Cantrip: An elemental blade can cast the lvl 0 spell of his element at will.

Abjuration training: The elemental blade learns to channel his training into defending himself from the energies of his opposing element, he can sacrifice a spell to gain resistance equal to his level against these energies for a number of rounds equal to the level of the spell used. Air provides resist acid, Earth provides resist electricity, Fire provides resist cold, and Water provides resist fire.

Lvl Bab Fort Ref Will Special
1 0 2 0 0 Elemental spells, Elemental Cantrip
2 1 3 0 0 Bonus Feat, Abjuration training
3 2 3 1 1 Armour Training 1
4 3 4 1 1 Bonus Feat
5 3 4 1 1 guarded spells
6 4 5 2 2 Bonus Feat
7 5 5 2 2
8 6 6 2 2 Bonus Feat
9 6 6 3 3 Weapon Training 2
10 7 7 3 3 Bonus Feat
11 8 7 3 3 Armour Training 3
12 9 8 4 4 Bonus Feat
13 9 8 4 4
14 10 9 4 4 Bonus Feat
15 11 9 5 5
16 12 10 5 5 Bonus Feat
17 12 10 5 5 Weapon Training 4
18 13 11 6 6 Bonus Feat,
19 14 11 6 6
20 15 12 6 6 Bonus Feat

spell progression:

Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
2 1
3 1
3 2
4 2 1
4 3 1
4 3 2
4 4 2 1
4 4 3 1
4 4 3 2
4 4 4 2 1
4 4 4 3 1
4 4 4 3 2
4 4 4 4 2 1
4 4 4 4 3 1
4 4 4 4 3 2
4 4 4 4 4 3
4 4 4 4 4 4

I know that I am missing a capstone but currently drawing a blank on what to give the elemental blade. Also some abilities can probably be moved around to provide better flow. But I think the tradeoff of abilities is somewhat reasonable and still allows one to make a decent fighter with all the available feats.

All names are easily able to be changed as needed.

--Reply 1: Browman: I dunno what the regular crew has to say about this but I had some comments of my own.
Firstly, I realize the spell selection is very limited as it comes from only 1 element, but I still feel like holing onto all of the armor trainings, and all but the first feats and weapon trainings, is still a little unbalanced for a 6 level spell progression.

I would suggest dropping one of the fighter abilities or further reducing them. Such as dropping weapon or armor training, or feats every 4 levels instead of every 2.
Armor training could also scale the spell failure chance. Being able to cast spells at 1st level in full plate seems a little off to me.

--Reply 2: I was looking at the MCA site and I wanted to comment that I think it's pretty sweet that the subterfuge school brings back the beguiler's cloaked casting ability as part of the surprise spells ability. I think it was pretty sharp to let it do sneak damage or raise the DC. Very cool~

Makes me realize that part of MCAing is to make some of those niche classes from 3.5, but as an archetype rather than an entire 1-20 rebuild. It has opened creativitythoughts for me.

I just read the Runescarred Fury and I just wanted to say how much I love the Spell Burner ability. I think that's a really clever way to synergize magic and melee (And of course Ragecaster too)~
Not to mention I've always been a big fan of alternative uses of spell slots.
Hmm... Maybe I could use spell slots as a resource for another MCA's abilities.

--Reply 3: So, as for those Magus Arcana...
-Arcane Chakrams-
Pre: Magus 3, TWF, Point Blank Shot
The magus is especially proficient in the use of fighting with Chakrams. When using their arcane pool to infuse chakrams, they benefit from the Split Arcana magus arcana, even if they do not qualify for or poses the arcana. In addition, whenever the magus enhances a Chakram with his arcane pool, they gain the Returning quality as a bonus.
(I figured it was okay to give Chakram an extra edge like this since they're very poor melee weapons and a magus can't can't spells normally while using 2 anyway)

-Spellstorm Blades-
Pre: Magus 6, Arcane Chakrams
The magus can complete the somantic components of his spells while holding a Chakram in each hand, as long as at least one of them is enhanced using his arcane pool. In addition, the Magus can perform Spell Combat while duel wielding Chakrams, and may use his Spellstrike class feature to deliver a single touch attack effect per round within the first range increment when throwing a Chakram, even if the spell would allow extra touch attacks, such as Elemental Touch or Chill Touch.

One of the abilities that the elemental blade gives up is heavy armour, perhaps it should specify that they ignore spell failure in medium and light armour, I also took into account with gaining spells that it became a 3/4 BAB rather than full BAB.

Oh snap, I didn't even notice you made it 3/4 BAB, or the loss of heavy armor. My bad.
And, I guess it depends on if you want the elemental blade to be able to cast in heavy if they dump a feat on it.
I was actually thinking that you could juice up the elemental abjuration, have it replace armor training entirely. Could give the whole elemental defense shtick a scaling set of abilities to go along with the instances of armor training. Like starting out with the resistance shield you have, then scaling into stuff like flame shield but for whatever element, and then elemental body. Just ideas to go along.

Ignore me if you don't like that kind of thing. Personally I like fighter archetypes to sub out all but the first weapon training with fancy tricks. Like how all the weapon oriented ones give you additional options with the focused weapon(s).

The problem with allowing them to cast in heavy armour is that it only requires 1 feat, and the elemental blade gets a feat every level from bonus or regular feats, using one to get heavy armour will barely impact any build you want, but we could allow one of the armour trainings to allow you to cast in heavy armour.

I think my main concern with the armor training thing is it operates very much like a magus mechanic, the casting in medium and heavy armor.
I think that perhaps the class will have a more independent feel to it if you were to allow casting in light (maybe medium in later levels) and then do something wizardy with the armor training. Maybe replace armor training with an elemental arcane school's abilites? The only real thing I'm seeing coming from wizard is the spellcasting, and even that is pretty diced up.

Have you thought about perhaps making this archetype elemental oriented, in general, rather than based on a specific element? I realize the appeal, but limiting them to a single element does cut a lot of versitility out.
Perhaps you could do something like having an elemental arcane school focus. Specializing in 1 element, sucking at 1 element, and being average at the other 2.

Just putting in my input.

Sorry for the silence, guys, but it looks like tomorrow's that big day I've been hinting at!

While I'm keeping what we're actually doing secret for this last few hours, I will say you can expect a couple of changes. And that you can expect a new thread, since this one has gotten waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to search through effectively ;3

Oh sweet, perchance I can participate early on in the new thread.
Don't forget about all that feedback you guys promised me once you're done with the secret project stuff D:

I think I may have found an error in the Esoteric Chemist
In the spell progression chart, the Esoteric Chemist hits 3rd level spells at level 4, and then doesn't get to 4th level spells for 3 more levels. I think the chart is slightly out of order for the 3rd level spells column.

Step one is up at the wiki.

Take a peek! ;3

Starting reading through it, looks really well done.

Woohoo! Looks beautiful! Great job guys!

Alright, lets all move on over to the new thread!

Multiclass Achetypes IV: Ultimate Multiclass Archetypes

I realise that there's already a Barbarian/ Summoner. But it is my belief that both a synthist-type-eidolon and rage is too much power. So I made this. I hope everybody likes it!
Spirit Warrior:
Some tribes of Barbarian fuel their rage through more arcane means, instead of channeling into their body with their rage, they instead reach into primal planes and pull, and bring something with them, something only they can control. The Primal Avatar feeds off their rage like a parasite in return for combat powers greater than any mortal.
Primary Class: Barbarian.
Secondary Class: Summoner.
Hit Dice: d12.
Alignment: Any Chaotic
Bonus Skills and Ranks: The Spirit Warrior may select three summoner skills to add to their class skills in addition to the normal barbarian class skills. The Spirit Warrior gains a number of skill ranks at each level equal to 2 + INT modifier.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The primal caller is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor, as well as all natural weapons. The Spirit Warrior is not proficient with shields.
Primal Avatar: At level one the Spirit Warrior can call his Avatar around him; it appears as translucent, living armor. The Avatar mimics the movements and does not hinder the Spirit Warrior’s senses in any way. The Spirit Warrior can summon his Avatar for a number of rounds equal to 4+ his CON mod and an addition 2 rounds for every level after the first. Temporary increases to CON do not affect the number of rounds a Spirit Warrior can call his Avatar. While the Avatar is summoned the Spirit Warrior is treated as both an outsider and his original type whichever is worse for the Spirit Warrior. The Spirit Warrior gains darkvision 60 feet while the Avatar is summoned.
The Avatar grants the Spirit Warrior bonuses like a summoners Eidolon of the same level. While the Avatar is summoned the Spirit Warrior gains bonuses to STR and DEX, to as well as natural armor as if the Spirit Warrior was an Eidolon of the same level.
A Spirit Warrior gains an evolution pool equal to his Spirit Warrior class level plus his CHA mod. The Spirit Warrior can use the evolution points to gain any evolution an Eidolon of the Spirit Warrior’s level could gain. The Spirit Warrior cannot gain the “large”, “huge” and “ability increase” evolutions; the Spirit Warrior is treated as a bipedal Eidolon in relation to the evolutions the Spirit Warrior qualifies for. At each level the Spirit Warrior can reallocate the evolution points to new or different evolutions.
The Spirit Warrior is limited to the maximum number of natural attacks an Eidolon of his level could have. The Spirit Warrior DOES NOT gain temporary hit points, number of feats, or additional skill ranks from the Avatar. The total number of natural attacks the Spirit Warrior can have while the Avatar is present remains the same; if the Spirit Warrior has more than this the Spirit Warrior must choose which natural attacks to use in any given round.
Due to the intense energy’s the Avatar exposes the Spirit Warrior to, when the Avatar is dismissed the Spirit Warrior is fatigued for a number of rounds equal to two times the number of rounds the Avatar was materialized. However there is a 10% chance (the player must roll percent die) the Spirit Warrior is instead exhausted for a number of rounds equal to the number of rounds the Avatar was materialized.
Summoning the Avatar is a move action that doesn't provoke Attacks of opportunity. When wearing anything that boosts AC be it armor or a shield or other item or magical item, the Natural Armor Bonus from the Avatar does not apply. The Spirit Warrior can choose to have the Avatar overpower the effects of any AC boosting item, if he does so, any magical ability(s) associated with the item cannot be used and the AC bonus the item(s) gives don't apply.
At 9th level the Spirit Warrior gains Multiattack as a bonus feat, even if he doesn't qualify.
At 10th level the Spirit Warrior can cast the Transmorgify spell once per day.
This ability replaces Rage and all Rage Powers
Aspect: This ability functions as the Summoner ability of the same name. The Spirit Warrior gains this ability at 10th level.
This ability replaces Greater Rage.
Partial Summon: At 17th level the Spirit Warrior can summon only a part of the Avatar, gaining selective abilities. Once per day the Spirit warrior can summon four one-point evolutions; two, two-point evolutions; one three-point evolution, or one four point-evolution that the Avatar has. The Spirit warrior can use these abilities without summoning the Avatar for the rest of the day. Each day the Spirit Warrior can select new evolutions to partially summon. The Avatar must possess these evolutions, when the Avatar is summoned the Partially Summoned evolutions do not stack with the evolutions the Avatar has.
This replaces Tireless Rage.
Greater Aspect: This ability functions the same as the Summoner ability of the same name. The Spirit Warrior gains this ability at 18th level
This replaces Damage Reduction and Trap Sense.
Avatar Mastery: This functions as the Fighter Ability Weapon Mastery except the Spirit Warrior must chose a natural weapon.
This ability replaces Mighty Rage.
New to the site so I don't know how to post tables on here, so see link to a google docs page with the table. ieAM/edit

You might want to move this to the new thread linked in the post above yours. Also for ease of reading add some spaces in between the walls of text but from a first glance it looks somewhat reasonable, though why would I take this over a straight snythesis summoner? Also I would give the spirt warrior martial weapons, 4+Int skill points, and d10 hit dice. Also your link is broken.


We have now moved the discussion to the new thread. So please, no posting here. Please post to the new one.

Multiclass Achetypes IV: Ultimate Multiclass Archetypes


This thread has been dead for 2+ years. We are currently on our new Multiclass Archetypes VII: MCAs Forever thread . Find us there. If you post here, you will receive no response.

Powers that be, any chance of locking this thread?

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