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Question about monster rules.

Rules Questions

I'm still new and been glancing throuhg the bestiary and been wondering a couple things.

For example, I noticed angel Movanic deva (the art caught my eye) has a very complicated looking attack

Meelee +1 Flaming Greatsword
+17/+12/+7 (2d6+7/19-20 +1d6 Fire)

I don't understand why there's 3 +'s before the damage dice. I gathered that the + before the dice damage is the bonus attack to the d20 roll, but I don't know why there'd be more than one bonus?

Also I noticed it's Defense, there's something called protected Life force; DR10/Evil.

As I gathered, DR = damage reduction, and the / signifies what it doesn't effect, so I assumed everything but a attack that's labeled as "Evil" received -10 damage reduction. But later in the protected life force description, it says they cannot be harmed by positive or NEGATIVE planar traits?

I'm confused. Little help?

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That means they get 3 attacks, but at those bonuses. So the first one is at +17, second at +12, and last at +7.

Their damage reduction means they take 10 less points of damage from everything that's not Evil (as in the subtype, but also aligned weapons).

Planar traits are the intrinsic effects of being on a plane of existence. someone can probably explain them better...

The attack line is showing the creature's iterative attacks.
When taking the full-attack action, the deva gets three attacks with her greatsword due to her high base attack bonus. The first attack is at her full BAB, and each additional attack is -5 from the previous attack. So she takes three attacks at the listed attack bonuses.

The Defense line includes two different abilities. One of them is Damage Reduction, which is as you noted - the deva takes 10 less damage against attacks that are not Evil-aligned.

The other ability, Protected Life Force, is a separate ability. Certain planes have planar traits that can harm most creatures, but the deva is immune to these traits.

Be aware that as PCs gain levels, they too will be able to do more than one attack as part of a full-attack action in the same way as the Deva.

A 6th-level fighter, for instance, has a BAB of +6. When he takes a full-attack action, he gets one attack at full BAB (plus strength and other bonuses), and another attack at BAB-5 (plus strength and other bonuses).

Thanks for the info. So far my highest level PC's are only 3, so my understanding is limited thus far.

Just to clarify, a creatures hit die is the die roll besides its HP yes? So 12d10 is the movanic deva's hit die?

Also might be helpful to look up weapon enhancements.

the Flaming +1d6 fire damage does not multiply on a critical. Just to let ya know.

Zeeky Von Vepermont wrote:
Just to clarify, a creatures hit die is the die roll besides its HP yes? So 12d10 is the movanic deva's hit die?

When an effect asks for (or otherwise cares about) a creature's number of hit dice, only the number before the "d" is used. So the Movanic Deva has 12 HD.

Each of those HD are d10s (like for a Fighter or Ranger), and the hit points the Deva has are based on average rolls for all twelve d10s.

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