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Pegasus cheese


Shadow Lodge

ok so im playing a wizard, and im playing with a cavalier and paladin that value honor over their allies lives. after almost dying to a cr8 fighter npc i decided ive had enough of the cavalier not caring about his friends and ive decided to humble him. the only problem is that i cant get past the over powering mount the gm gave him. a level 5 cavalier with a f@#$ing pegasus mount.

with just that mount alone he can by pass anything i throw at him at low levels. now keep in mind im a role player at heart so im not trying to metagame to beat him. im only looking for spells or strategies that may have over looked. if im not mistaken he has a beefed up pegasus mount so taking that out of the fight is not possible, i think its a cr 10+ version of the pegasus.

now something else that is pissing me off(but not related), is that my character gained no cheeze after the mount was distrbuted, so im a standard level4 wizard/1 ranger while he has something that makes him a near unstopable wrecking ball.

in my spell book now. spells are near impossible to get for the time being.

color spray
gravity bow
enlarge person
reduce person
endure elements
pro alignments
obscuring mist
burning hands
hydrolic push
feather fall

create pit
stone call
scorching ray
cats grace
eagles splendor

if i can get him off his mount somehow, i could beat him. but my gm will cock block me from attacking his RL friend if i dont have RAW to back up what i do. any advice would be appreciated, but my charcter has already decided on his course of action i just need to have a solid gameplan for the combat. my character knows, from experience of past combats, that if he gets hit even one time, hes dead.

In a battle of player vs GM, the GM always wins. If it's like that, try voicing your concerns and working it out peacefully rather than making it into a thing of spite.

If that fails, you may want to leave the group.

Shadow Lodge

Umbral Reaver wrote:

In a battle of player vs GM, the GM always wins. If it's like that, try voicing your concerns and working it out peacefully rather than making it into a thing of spite.

If that fails, you may want to leave the group.

as i said before, this is an ingame event. there are no hard feelings nor is there any out of game animosity towards eachother. he is playing his character exactly how he is supposed to, and i am mine. we are adults that have the ability to do this without effecting the rest of the game negatively.

the gm on the other hand plays favorites and clock blocks things he doesnt like. spells, feats, anything that derails his npc encounters. he is an issue, but not enough of one to stop playing completely.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

One thing you could try is cast grease on the saddle and stirrups right at the moment he performing a sharp turn midair. With a bit of luck the cavalier will come tumbling down. If you want to go easy on him cast feather fall on him right before he lands, if not just let him plummet.

Color spray has a bit too short a range to try and catch the flying horsy in it, but if you could pull it off somehow, it would get it stunned for 1 round and thus come plummeting down, cavalier and all.

Maybe casting enlarge person on the cavalier will make him too big for his mount and have them both drop to earth.

Thats about all the creative stuff I can come up with for the moment



What Umbral Reaver said.

However to get back to the question of how you beat him and his pegasus mount enough to humble the guy.

Wizards shine when they have time to prepare, so unless you issued a formal challenge to the Cavalier last gamesession and don't have the time to set up the ideal situation, you might wanna hold back and bide your time.

As you correctly stated, he is a near-unstoppable wrecking ball and you are but a simple wizard. You need to fight smart, not hard. Rather than slamming your fist on the table and challenge him to a fistfight, try hitting him where it -really- hurts.

What order is he a paladin of? What god does he worship? Ideally you could visit a temple to said diety, and voice concern that their paladin is not showing concern for the lives of his allies. Tell them that rather than defend the innocent and protect his friends against the horrors of the world, the Paladin seems hell-bent on proving his 'honour' even when there is nothing to prove. He is willing to sacrifice the lives and safety of those around him, so that he may protect his so-called honour and (you assume) die a glorious death, not caring who he takes with him, or what the repercussions are for those around him.

This is a very serious accusation in most orders of good-aligned paladins, and they should find themselves forced into a position where they have to investigate the issue and call in the paladin to question his beliefs and values. Being a character who would willingly sacrifice his allies to uphold his honour, having his values and beliefs questioned by his peers, will likely be a grave dishonour to him, graver than any you could inflict by simply beating him in a fight.

If you fear he would go after you as a response to you reporting him, voice your concern to his superiors while disguised, and say you cannot show your face, because you fear he will take your life if he knew you were telling them this. This will be even better, because the Paladin has then inspired fear and oppression in those he is to safeguard and defend.

A guy who will do anything for his blasted honour can be easily set up for alot of trouble that forces him to reflect on his situation. Pay some drunks to offend him, over the course of a few days, and once he has issued his 6th challenge in the middle of a local tavern, the guards should have no choice but to tell him to calm the f*+* down, or be labeled a disturber of the peace :)


If you want to fight him 1-on-2, in the middle of the streets to take him down a peg, you're in for an uphill battle. You can force him to give up his mount by fighting in closed spaces, but if you fight in closed space, he has ample opportunity to step up and whack you to negative hitpoints, within a few rounds.

Your spell selection is not particularly well-suited to the purpose either.

-You can start out by shielding yourself from good, which will be a defence against the pegasus and likely him as well.
-Grease will handicap him if he tried to get in close combat with you, but if he flies thats easily circumvented.
-You could reduce his pegasus, making it unable to carry him, but that's by no means certain to work.

no, no I think if you challenge him to combat, you will be creamed. You either need to wait a level or 5 before you can really start to dick him over, destroying both him and his flying pony with little effort, or you need to play it smart and attack him where he cannot attack back. Like the ideas above, forcing him to compromise his position as paladin, in order to uphold his honour.

But in all honesty, the way I see it there is a far simpler and better solution for in-character behavior. Have your character stand up and say he will not travel with that type of person. Point out his flaws, why he is a disgrace and not the kind of person you will be travelling with (take the moral high ground, with his behavior it is yours for the taking) and ask the other PCs to join you on adventure, WITHOUT the self-serving cavalier. He can then swallow his pride and go with you, or you can split up. If the majority of the players go with you, the GM should keep focus on you guys, and the cavalier will be forced to change character or change behavior.

As an aside, I would imagine that pegasus cheese would heal some hit points when consumed. Maybe cure diseases, too.

Buy a pick or even a handaxe. CDG the pegasus while they're asleep at night. Get rid of the corpse and Prestidigitation away any blood stains.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

I'm confused. If my friends didn't protect me and value my life, I'd leave. I wouldn't attack them.

Unless... I were evil. Are you?

Shadow Lodge

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Buy a pick or even a handaxe. CDG the pegasus while they're asleep at night. Get rid of the corpse and Prestidigitation away any blood stains.

the intention is to not kill him if i dont have to.

things draken (my character) has tried to do to change the cav (order of the sword):

1. voicing his concern of his personal pride over the well being of the group. meaning he will force the group into combats and scuicidal situations because someone calls him a "coward".

2. yelling at him and threatening him harm if he dosent stop causing unnecessary and dangerous situations. did this 2 times, the third time is what caused my intention of humbling him in combat.

3. finally arrived at the decision to beat him in a fight. but the mount is so overwhelingly powerful for his class, that im at a loss as to how i will do it.

I was going to ask if the pegasus was bought from Kyle the Gnome, but nevermind. :)

Okay, if the decision is to humiliate him in combat your case is clear cut.

You cannot. At present you have NO way to beat him in fair combat (supposing you consider the inclusion of a pegasus fair).

You can either call for a fair one-on-one fight, meaning no pegasus for him and no summon monster for you (you don't have it anyway, but no mount either). Then you can fight him with a chance of winning.

If he will not fight you without the pegasus, you'll have to wait a few levels or you will not stand a chance. If you get more wizard levels you can craft a wand of fireball/lightningbolt and prepare controller/selfbuffs for your spell alotment for the combat, then you can take him down with ease:

Raise your defenses -> fly -> blast. Snare or stun his flying mount to drop him like a rock if he comes flying after you.

If you decide to fight him as you are, with him having a pegasus, (that is supposed to be a cr3 monster, but is homebrew of some sort) then you can only count the rounds until he smacks you down. Remember you are outnumbered and he is stronger and tougher than you. I see no chance of you winning except by extraordinary luck.

If you mean to give as hurt to him as possible before you go down, don't bother raising defenses. Just fire your most damaging spells, cast on the defensive and eat the concentration checks, or you will go down in the first few rounds.

Actually, dealing with both the pegasus and the cavalier are easy. Find a nest of griffins. They like the taste of horses and pegasus. Cast protection from good on all of them and lure the cavalier and pegasus to them. That will solve the problem nicely.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Damnit! I thought this was going to be about how to make cheese out of a pegasus!!!

Shadow Lodge

cheeze and cheese are to different things.

now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Buy a pick or even a handaxe. CDG the pegasus while they're asleep at night. Get rid of the corpse and Prestidigitation away any blood stains.

Do you know how heavy a horse is? It's not the kind of thing you can just sweep under a pillow.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
As an aside, I would imagine that pegasus cheese would heal some hit points when consumed. Maybe cure diseases, too.

Perfect. That could lead to the title of the next Paizo AP: To Milk a Pegasus.

You know you're in at a posh party when the cheeseboard has pegasus cheese. Unicorn cheese, too. That's also good, if a bit mainstream.

Nobody dares try the tarrasque cheese, although the tale of the heroes that managed to milk it is quite fascinating.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Am I to understand your post to say that the particular pegasus in question is not standard, but has the advanced template ? (the so-called Champion Pegasus ?) I was going to suggest using diplomacy on the pegasus as it's fully intelligent, but the bestiary entry says they serve with absolute faithfullness.

If he's so sensitive to having his honor challenged and does the Marty McFly reaction to being called a coward, all you should have to do is say "You are a coward without your fancy-schmantzy Pegasus protecting your lame ass. Tell your Pegasus to stay out of it and fight me one on one."

Based on your spell list, he'll still probably kick your butt, but that should work to get him off his mount.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
you may want to leave the group.

Talk to the GM and ask for something equally powerful. What do the other players think about this?

Alternatively, the next time a combat happens because of him just flee: of course it would be better if the other players did the same.

TheSideKick wrote:

1. voicing his concern of his personal pride over the well being of the group. meaning he will force the group into combats and suicidal situations because someone calls him a "coward".

Remove yourself from the combat, stop bailing him out when he drags you into a fight.

If you are determined to humble him in "combat" don't make it fair fight. He can't be on his Pegasus all the time.

Though I will caution you that "humbling" people no matter how well intentioned will breed contempt. And if he isn't as interested in not metagaming as you are that contempt can follow you through several characters.

In a game I ran in the first sessions the wizard used Daze on the fighter in response to the comment
"(snarky voice)Well what are you good for?"
The party was an inn at the time so there was no danger to the fighter but he took it very personally and carried a grudge against the wizard that lasted until the end of the game and 3 character iterations.

gang up with the other party members. Paladin might cost the party loot if they refuse to loot corpses.

If the paladin is so powerfull - then try to frag steal - just ready and action for when the paladin has seriously injured a foe - then blast the foe and make comments about how you "saved the paladins life".

Wait - you are an arcane caster - (and ranger? - why?) given time (and levels) the arcane caster will outshine the little paladin.

And focus more on personal safety - vanish, invisibility, levitate. If the party don't protect the caster - then he'll have do it him self - and just be less active in combat...

Cast Enlarge Person on the Cavalier as he is about to do something stupid.

Laugh as he can no longer ride his Pegasus. Run like hell with Expeditious Retreat.

or cast reduce person on the pegasus while he is in the air

Might have been suggested but I did not read the thread :/

So your solution to a cavalier that drags you into fights that nearly kill you and is a wrecking machine is to start a fight with him?


Just, why?

To piss him off? Because that's really all you'll accomplish.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm just as flabbergasted as TarkXT.

The whole situation seems stupid, and more about out-of-game problems than in-game ones. You need to talk to the GM and other players, voice how you feel, and together work for a solution so you can ALL resume having fun again.

If this pegasus is so broken won't it just kill you.

Dark Archive

can you hydrolic push him off the mount?

pick up charm monster and charm the mount

take out the mount somehow

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

You're a wizard, just bide you time. Let the Cavalier and Paladin do most of the work then when you have higher level spells show them why they call the Wizard the God class.

But seriously, the Cavalier values honor more than friends. You need to play on that. Don't worry about humbling him, if fact do the opposite and use his honor to get what you want. With out knowing what code of honor the Cavalier follows I can't really help but it should be easy enough challenge the Cavalier to one on one fair combat excluding the mount, if you can't win that then don't do it. Not sure that buy you though.

Your clvl 4
You almost got killed by a solo lvl7 fighter
While the chezrider was doing what?

Fighting another lvl7 fighter?
Watching you get bullied?
Keeping his horsey safe?

Where's the pally in this?

You have bigger problems than a knuckleheaded cavalier.
Your DM maybe trying to kill you.

That CR8 encounter was a little rough. What else is involved? Is this commonplace? Or was this the BBEG?

Short of the grease/enlarge/reduce you've got nothing. Until you can rapidshot for 3 with truestrike and gravity bow.

I doubt the DM would let you pull any of this off.
I'd wait till later when you can punk him heartily. Unless the DM's cheese traIn continues at which point I'd wonder if a new group isn't needed.

Liberty's Edge

I can't imagine Pegasus Cheese tasting much better than Pegasus Milk, which is frankly terrible.

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