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Wizard / sorcerer casting two full round action spells in one round without a feat


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im making a new rule for the spell casters where they can cast a second spell without metamagic feat:

check this out:

with the actualy movement rule, a wizard can cast a free action, swift action spells and he has a full round action and move action for spell casting.

without mess with move, or free and sift action casting, we get an extra full roun action spell

the wizard gets his second base attack at 12th level (+6/+1) so when he want to cast a second spell he has to do something like two weapon fighting with -2 at the attacks (if any) and -2 to concentration checks for boths:

max spell level he can cast will be 6th level/1st level spells, in this case, at level 20th the spellcaster can cast at max 9th level spell/5th level spell

1 person marked this as a favorite.

clerics and druids and the same kind of casters...

they can cast a second full round action spell with they reach a 6th level spells too at level 11th (+8/+3) but as the wizard they only has a 6th/1st spells to cast

bards and magus and so on...

they can cast two full round action spells at level 16th at the same rate 6th level/1st level

paladins and rangers and alike...

they´ll never can cast a second full roun action spell, because they do not get a 6th level spel ever

what do you think?
i use it and it works well, it feells organic and not a munchkin rule... try this rule of mine and feedback please

sorry for my hard keyboards mistakes
and spelling ones
i have a lot of time without writting in this language and has a 3 years studying french and italian and i almost forgot this one

my native tongue is spanish

Under normal circumstances, you can do the following:

One standard action, one move action, one swift action, free actions.

One full round action, one swift action, free actions, 5' move.

Two move actions, one swift action, free actions.

You're essentially giving someone the ability to take 2 standard actions as a full round action, if I understand you correctly, and further, you suggest giving someone the ability to take 2 full round actions. All this as all the time. So, you cast summon monster twice per round... and the creatures you summon each cast two spells per round... Obviously, there are problems with this...

This goes well above and beyond even what the Mystic Theurge allows. If the logic falls that you can cast as many spells as you have attacks per round, what's to stop you from abusing haste to cast 2, 3, 4, or 5 spells per round (from the interesting mix of classes/prestige classes)?

Full spellcasters are already the most powerful classes. Why make them even stronger by letting them cast more spells per round?

Shadow Lodge

Good heavens! If it works for your group, wonderful, but that's far too much for me.

My Wizards already destroy everything around my party before my parties get started if anyone who DM'ed for me told me I could cast 2 full round action spells in a round I'd just reply "Why 2 standard actions will finish the job and since I killed everything on my own do I have to share the EXP?" I'd never offer anything in my games that option and I let alot of crazy things go.

Liberty's Edge

IMO: Spell casters don't need any help.

But if it works for you, more power to you (and your spell casters I guess.)

mmmm i dont see all those points!!

... but... errr

sounds great a wizard casting a 1st lvl spell and a 6th lvl spell...

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