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How would you resolve this? Charge vs. counter charge

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Please note: I asked a very similar question in the rules section but here I am asking how GMs would answer by house rules while there I am asking for the answer according to RAW.

The rules for pathfinder basically do not allow simultaneous action which makes a few things in the game very strange.

suppose you have two opponents. lets just call them big guy and goon. they are alike in every way but name.

Big guy and Goon are facing off 20 feet apart. out of combat Big guy whips out his axe and readies an action to partial-charge goon as soon as goon draws his weapon.

sure enough after a bit of name calling goon initiates combat and charges big guy pulling out his axe on the way. Big guy of course partial charges goon using his readied action.

rules say the counter charge interrupts... but goon was already in the middle of his charge meaning you would have to interrupt his specific action.

how would YOU resolve this?

I think I know how I would to it but am interested in learning a better way.

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Both charged so both gain the benefits and penalties involved. They both have the normal bonus to hit and penalty to AC, which means a higher chance of damage being dealt on both sides.

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Can't ready an action Out Of Combat.

Even if you could, you can't ready a partial charge. There was an old v3.5 feat called Cometary Collision (IIRC) that would let you, but I don't remember the details ATM.

Goon initiated combat. Both parties are aware of the other and ready to go, so I'd say no suprise round. Better win initiative, because whoever does is going to get his charge in first.

@Caleb: where would the combatants actually connect? at Goons start point? at Big-guys start point? in the middle? what if there were only 15 feet between them thus no room for them both to technically charge? also... what if both would hit and both deal enough damage to kill or disable the opponent. which one resolves first? or is it simultaneous?

@SlimGauge it seems you can use a partial charge as a readied action. Since goon has his weapon out (pre combat) and has not made any movement he can partial charge which is a charge which only uses 1 move increment. (not a double move as is legal with charge) unless your saying that by house rule you would not allow a partial charge as a readied action which is a valid choice.

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@ blue;

A: You can certainly get a weapon out and wield it out of combat, but you can't ready an action if you're not in initiative.

B: No, you can't ready a charge. See the FAQ. I wasn't going put this in my first post because you weren't asking for rules, but here it is now.

So it's going to come down to initiative. If one of the two combatants is a PC who asks for a Sense Motive I *might* give them a plus based on how well they did, but since both parties are aware of the other and both are expecting trouble, there's not going to be a surprise round.

Now, the guy who wins initiative might decide to ready an attack triggered on "when the other guy enters my threatened area" then he'll get his attack off first when the other guy charges, but he won't be charging himself.

SlimGauge wrote:
B: No, you can't ready a charge. See the FAQ. I wasn't going put this in my first post because you weren't asking for rules, but here it is now.

With the Rhino Charge feat (Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony) you can.

Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony wrote:

Rhino Charge (Combat)

Your charges are both violent and unpredictable.

Prerequisites: Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, base attack bonus +5.

Benefit: You may ready a charge, though you may only move up to your speed on the charge.

Normal: Charging is a full-round action and allows you to move twice your speed.

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