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Blasphemy and Eidolons

Rules Questions

Dark Archive

Will a Blasphemy spell banish an Eidolon that doesn't make it's save?

Are all the requirements met?


Furthermore, if you are on your home plane when you cast this spell, nonevil extraplanar creatures within the area are instantly banished back to their home planes. Creatures so banished cannot return for at least 24 hours. This effect takes place regardless of whether the creatures hear the blasphemy or not. The banishment effect allows a Will save (at a –4 penalty) to negate.

Creatures whose Hit Dice exceed your caster level are unaffected by blasphemy.

So is the caster on his home plane? Is the eidolon an extraplanar creature? Does it have fewer hitdice than the caster's caster level? And did it fail its will save? If so, then, yes. Bye bye, stupid overpowered critter.

Spells such as Banishment and Dismissal are specifically called out as working against eidolons: I see no reason why Blasphemy, et. al., would not also function to exile them.

The Exchange

wow that is a killer. i see no reason why it would work. it is a banishment effect and it is of a higher level. Also that "cannot return for 24 hours" is incredibly powerful vs a summoner.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

If the eidolon mechanics calls out dismissal and banishment exclusively, than no, this would not work. If it is not an exclusive list, however, than it WOULD work.

Liberty's Edge

Ravingdork wrote:
If the eidolon mechanics calls out dismissal and banishment exclusively, than no, this would not work. If it is not an exclusive list, however, than it WOULD work.
Summoner - Eidolon wrote:
The eidolon cannot be sent back to its home plane by means of dispel magic, but spells such as dismissal and banishment work normally.

Emphasis mine.

Looks like it's not an exclusive list. Thus, looks like Blasphemy will work.

Yes, it will work. I'd suspect this is one of the reasons Summoners get the freebie Summon Monster abilities, so they have something when their Eidolons get sent away in such a manner.

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