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Fantasy Israel?


I'm working on a literary and art project that seeks to transform real Israel into a fantasy setting based on Jewish, Arabic and contemporary culture. I think this will be interesting for many folks, because for better or for worse, "Israel" is a place that is mentioned on the news all the time, but which didn't make it into the fantasy discourse until now. Also, many people expressed interest in fantasy settings which are not based on medieval Europe or Western culture, and this project is certainly a step in that direction.

Tales from an Israeli Storyteller is a cycle of 20 short stories and novellas born from exploring the most iconic locations in Israel. This is the story of the Israel you don’t hear about on the news – the Israel where a rabbi creates a smartass golem that comes back to haunt him during an unholy ceremony on Mount Meron, where talking animals search for justice among the demons and spirits of Ein Gedi, where a Bedouin hero confronts an evil book in the caves of Qumran, and where one clueless efreet keeps losing his wife in the Negev desert. In addition to stories, the book also includes dozens of paintings by Israeli and international artists.
While some of the characters are hard to meet, all the locations are real and very accessible, making this book a guide to some of the coolest places on the planet as well as an exploration of a modern fantasy setting inspired by the folklore and mythology of one of the oldest (and youngest) countries in the world.

For more information on the project, feel free to visit my IGG (which is like Kickstarter, only for non-Americans)

Will you assist a weary storyteller to finish his journey by throwing a couple of coppers into this project? Surely, the old gods of the Levant won't forget this when they make their triumphant return, commanding an army of golems, ghouls and genies!

Liberty's Edge Owner-Manager - Tyche's Games

Uri, good to see you here.

I have supported this project and suggest you give it a look if you want to take a look at fantasy coming from some different cultural roots.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm one of the fellowz defiling this beautiful book with my doodles!

I must said the stories are beautiful and real fun, a total must have.

Uri's imagination is like a fountain of cool. Many of us enjoyed his contributions to the Dungeon magazine of old. If you're jaded on the same old thing, check this project out. There was an adventure in Dungeon magazine, right after conversion to 3.0, that featured the ancient holy land as a setting. It was delightfully different and this promises to be as well...with a wicked twist or two, I'm sure.

farewell2kings wrote:
There was an adventure in Dungeon magazine, right after conversion to 3.0, that featured the ancient holy land as a setting.

Really? What was that like?

Dark Archive

Uri is a genius, my friends. I remember reading his adventure back in Dungeon, "Murder in Oakbridge," which I absolutely loved. Years later, I started talking with this guy who called himself Urikson on DeviantART and eventually I figured out who he was. He's been tormenting me with his genius from across the gulf of space that divides us ever since.

Being an atheist coming from Buddhists, I've got no right to show an interest in the Holy Land, but let's face it: it's a rich and under-tapped vein for gaming potential. And Uri's just the man to write it.

Oh, and hey, farewell2kings, did you ever see that sourcebook a third party put out where you get to run around as ancient Hebrews and Babylonians and Egyptians and stuff? That thing looked awesome, but I never quite had the cash to pick it up.


You mean _Testament:_Roleplaying_in_the_Biblical_Era_? You can get that for $2 right here at Link.

It's pretty awesome!

Dark Archive

Aaron Bitman wrote:


You mean _Testament:_Roleplaying_in_the_Biblical_Era_? You can get that for $2 right here at Link.

Holy SCHWIZ! I think I can swing THAT. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It will be full of awesome gravy!


Grand Lodge

I'll donate some Tzedakah to this. There's so many rich arabic and jewish cultural stories that influenced me as a writer and a DM that this project is an "automatic win" in my book.

Thank you for your kind words and charitable mitzvah. You can read one of the stories here, btw. With Hugo on board, this is gonna rock :)

Regarding the adventure F2K had mentioned, I think he meant an old 2e D&D adventure that took place during the crusades (the setting, not the actual gameplay... he's not THAT old, I think...) and engaged locations in both present day Israel and Jordan. It was published in either Dungeon or Dragon. I could check, but the magazine stack is almost as high as me and quite frankly, I'm a tad bit afraid of it...

I believe F2K was talking about "Mysterious Ways" in this issue of dungeon.

Not to detract from your project Uri, I'm game for anything involving angels, devils and barnyard critters; moar dybbukim nao!!

Is this going to develop into a campaign setting with stats and such or just the stories?

Hitdice wrote:
I believe F2K was talking about "Mysterious Ways" in this issue of dungeon.

Thank you. (Actually, on that page, "Mysterious Ways" is listed as a Dragonlance adventure, but I'm guessing that either this is a mistake, or else the adventure is set in some Krynnish equivalent of the holy land.)

This sounds like an interesting project. I bet it would be great as a complete campaign setting.

I do plan to make a full blown game out of it eventually, but the opening shot is fiction and art. However, most of these stories were "tested" as adventures with my group, so hopefully this book would make a useful, though statless, reference for a fantasy Israel campaign.

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