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Someone should run a Way of the Wicked PbP!


I'm sure there is at least one adventurous GM out there who is ready for a unique experience. I'd love to run it myself but I limit myself to running only one PbP game at a time.

For those unaware, Way of the Wicked is an all-evil adventure path from Fire Mountain Games. There are two adventures out so far and they have both gotten great reviews. Here is a link to the first book (for 1st-5th level) Knot of Thorns.

If anyone would like to run it I have a few ideas on characters.

Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Sinvel Menter wrote:
I'm sure there is at least one adventurous GM out there who is ready for a unique experience.

Actually, there are at least four games already out there that I've seen recruiting over the past few months. :)

Yes, I've seen two of those, but was too late getting into them. So, maybe I should have said "surely there is yet another GM"!

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