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Regarding "Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus"

Product Discussion

Our FLGS is trying to get GMs to commit to running some of the products they'll be receiving for Free RPG Day, and I'm leaning toward picking this one. I was hoping someone in the know could tell me what I'm getting myself into, though. =]

How hard will this adventure be to run dry without prep time? Does the module contain pregenerated PCs, or should I have some ready? If so, what experience level would be most appropriate? [EDIT: Never mind; I see on the JBE site that it's supposed to be for a group of 5th level PCs.] And how experienced should the *players* be? We typically get good turnout from younger RPG enthusiasts, and the last thing I want to do is to make a grade schooler cry on Free RPG Day!

Thanks in advance.

Since Free RPG Day stuff is not available till the day, I suggest you send Dale McCoy a PM on this board to point him to this thread so he can answer your questions.

-- david

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Hey Power Word Unzip,

Short of the long, this adventure assumes that this is a character's first time on the Plane of Shadows. As long as a gamer knows how to use their level 5 character, he or she will be good to go. It takes them from the material plane to the plane of shadows and allows them to see the new challenges from this new plane. Additionally, there's a one page introduction to Shadowsfall that both helps a GM to understand the environment as well as answer frequently asked questions that arose from players during playtesting.

The back text (which will be on my website in a few days) says:


For the game master, a new plane of peril - Shadowsfall. This Level 5 Adventure takes your gaming party to the Plane of Shadows. The head of the local militia and her children are missing and only the characters can rescue them. In this introduction to Shadowsfall, challenge your adventurers to brave the Land of Eternal Night.

For the avid player, four sample 5th level characters showcase new player options for the Shadowsfall setting - a dhampir champion of innocents, a former angel seeking arcane secrets and a lost love, a bomb-toting kobold native to Shadow, and a fetchling profiteer from the zombie slave trade ready for play in your campaign.

Designed to enhance your world and your game, this expansion supplies a one-page overview of Shadowsfall and features the distinctive monsters of Shadow created for the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Shadow Plane - the newest in the award-winning series available at your game store today.

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Thanks for the info, Dale - this really helps out a lot in making sure I give attendees the best game I can run on Free RPG Day!

Jon Brazer Enterprises

A few additional details:

The adventure has been playtested at a few game cons (including PaizoCon 2011, except I called the location Kaer Maga (sorry James Sutter)).

Also we initially followed Paizo's adventure format, but we had an idea on how to present the skill checks differently. We presented this to our kickstarter backers and unanimously they went for our variant.

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