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30 Villain Ideas I Wanted to Share

Gamer Talk

1) A bandit leader who steals to support his men, all of which are victims of the state in one way or another.

2) A goblin tribe leader determined to rule the entire kingdom under his name, but must kill all “human things” in order to do so.

3) A hobgoblin slaver that deals specifically in the sex trafficking market. He is infamous for cutting the hands off of his captives, for they “don't need'em where they're goin'”.

4) An ogre matron that believes consuming the flesh of warriors makes her stronger.

5) A master trapsmith, it is said her traps are rivaled by none.

6) A deceptive assassin who's name is unknown, and who wears a mask every-time he is seen. No one knows what is under the mask.

7) A Wyvern that used to steal sheep from shepherds for food, but since the townsfolk have put up measures against it, it has instead been forced to pick off travelers on the trade roads.

8) An insane alchemist who has a penchant for stitching lifeforms together and who believes all should be one.

9) The commander of a giant citadel that walks on humungous animated spider legs.

10) A mage who has made a blood pact with an otherworldly horror. By consuming the brain of other arcane casters, he or she may immediately learn their spells.

11) An intelligent weapon that constantly appears in the hands of the villains the PCs are fighting.

12) A giant spider that happens to be incredibly intelligent and scheming. She seems to be after a specific magical item.

13) A shapeshifter who has assumed the role of a person in a seat of power.

14) A cult trying to resurrect a god or entity that the players have never heard off. No knowledge religion checks seem to attain information.

15) An entity that is split in two, and requires a magical item or spell to be made whole again.

16) A member of a long dead and dangerous race who is seeking out a way to produce offspring.

17) A fire elemental that must burn souls in order to continue its existence.

18) A dragon that becomes obsessed with one of the PCs of an opposite gender for unknown reasons.

19) A PC's shadow that attempts to return and kill him or her at inopportune turns.

20) A beast that knows no equal within the region that has begun hunting down hunters.

21) A lich attempting to find his phylactery.

22) An undead hive mind that wishes to exist more fully, and thus must make more undead.

23) A corrupt official that has unsightly tastes for torture.

24) A cultist that believes he can achieve immortality if he consumes enough “pure” hearts.

25) A troll that kidnaps children and raises them as its own. The children that have grown old enough see it as a parent.

26) A religious cult of murderers that believe all who they kill receive entry into the afterlife sooner, a blessing compared to the world they must live in now.

27) A wraith that is the spirit of one of the player's relatives or long lost friends.

28) An orc rapist that is trying to create the perfect offspring.

29) A warlord that has supposedly been made immortal through diabolic means. It is the warlord's goal to unite the kingdoms as one.

30) The animate dream of a sleeping titan of earth and stone. The titan is so large that if it wakes the world will break beneath its footsteps. It wants to wake up, and its dream is attempting to do just that.

-Please credit if used on the forums or other site. I am attempting to get my name out there =) -


Nice list! Thanks!

For number 21:

Step 1: Teleport to Lastwall.
Step 2: Say, "Hey, everybody! I'm a Lich!"
Step 3: Paladin Beatdown ensues.
Step 4: 1d10 days later, phylactery found!

Some old classics and some new twists. Good list.

KDNash wrote:
28) An orc rapist that is trying to create the perfect offspring.

likely a worshiper of Lamashtu (pronounced lah-MAHSH-too is the mother and patroness of many misshapen and malformed creatures that crawl, slither, or flap on, above, or below the surface of Golarion. Her unholy symbol is a three-eyed jackal head, which may be represented in many ways, and her sacred animal is the jackal. this woudl be perfectly in line with her goals as a goddess.

Wonders how the Orc would pick its "lovers" (figure that the orc is not sane in the human sense of the word)

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