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*Spoiler* Burnt Offerings Encounter


Shadow Lodge

I made this small pool for my upcoming game session - my players are about to enter the catacombs of wrath. Here is a preview of the vargouille encounter - I thought it might be fun to reenact what happened the first time I ran it with a previous group.


Dark Archive

very nice....

Shadow Lodge

Here is the glassworks factory and the catacombs of wrath. They are heavily modded due to a small table.


Liberty's Edge

Woah, that's awesome! How long did it take you to build that?

Shadow Lodge

Thanks. Well the non-Dwarven Forge stuff took the most time. However, I try to cast blocks about once per week so I had a ton of blocks laying around. Building and painting the hirst stuff took a weekend.

To set it up it took about 1.5 hours.

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