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101 games for Festivals, Tournaments and Taverns

Gamer Talk

1) Last man standing - contestants scull an ale at the same time. Whoever is the quickest goes 1st. They then hit there opponent as hard as they can. There opponent then sculls another ale and returns the favor. Contestant continue to take turns. The victory goes to the last man standing. Highly favors drunken masters.

2) The summoners duel pit - summon monster battles

3) Cat and mouse - in a secluded fenced off area in the woods, contestants must evade capture as long as they can. Over time more watchmen are sent into the woods to search for them. Once stripped of there ribbon a contestant is out. No weapons are allowed, but apposed CMB checks are fine.

4) The master thief - a course designed to test rogues to there maximum capabilities. Is time based. Traps weapons are blunted as not to cause serious harm, but any mistakes incur a penalty. Rogues must open locks, disable traps, jump crevices, scale walls, contort themselves through small openings, balance across objects, obtain items without being seen, convince people to spill secrets, pick pockets and so on. One of my favorite is to add ostrich racing like off the "Prince of Persia: sands of time" movie.

5) Jousting - just don't go up against the hound.

Grand Lodge

6.) The prestidigitator-make the most entertaining show you can using only the prestidigitation spell

7) Beer Pong

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8) archery contest (better for low-levels).

9) feats of strength: set some thresholds for automatic success based off str. scores, then have players roll str checks and con checks (for lifting and endurance) as contestants are weeded out and the objects get heavier.

10) dueling arena - fight to first blood (in this case I would say first to get dropped to 10 HP or less loses, since HP loss doesn't directly correlate to taking physical damage).

11) wrestling (first to pin their opponent wins, maybe best 2 out of 3).

12) eating contest (fort saves, failure indicates you are nauseated for a number of minutes equal to the amount of food you ate :P)

Liberty's Edge

13. Caber catching.

14) Dirty limerick contest

The Exchange

15)Greasy Pig Catch

Grand Lodge

16.) Best-Looking Illusion Spell Contest

17.) The Long Toss (as in, how far can you toss the small-sized members of your party)...

CaptainJandor wrote:

11) wrestling (first to pin their opponent wins, maybe best 2 out of 3).

Bear/midget/sumo wrestling added also

18) Wizard ball, Blood-ball except with spells, only fun for high level arcane and divine casters. Pretty much Rugby, except only 2 casters can cast on enemies, 2 castes can cast only on allies and 3 anywhere on the field as long as enemies/allies are not in the targeted square of the spell cast. All casters can cast on themselves. If the referee looses sight of the ball for more then 2 rounds (due to burrowing, ethereal or other planar travel) the ball is recalled to the center of the field. Winner by points or knocking out all opposition players. Played in a force domed arena.

19) Master chef - must track down animals, kill them and then harvest parts to cook. Nicest meal is the winner. More for parties then individuals.

20) Goblin run - explosive glyphs are placed randomly everywhere on a field. People then bet different distances on how far the goblin will get before he blows up.

21) Drunken daggers - darts but with daggers and drinking

22) Master artisan - sculpture or painting contest

23) Remorhaz riding - who can ride the Remorhaz the longest, withstanding its thrashing and intense heat ability. Usually only done on juvenile Remorhaz's because of the heat they generate. Whomever stays on the longest is the winner.

24) Trap Bridge - Parties design a trap which other parties must try an cross. Whomever has the least amount of people from the other teams able to cross it wins. Designed for engineers. Travel or polymorph spells are prohibited.

25) Tough man challenge - Obstacle course designed to test Reflex and Fort. Competitors must climb up poles imbued with chill or heat metal, dive into icy lakes (designed to fatigue)dodge spinning traps or projectiles, jump slippery pits. Competitors go in fours or fives per round. Whomever makes it to the finals is the winner. Quarter-staffs are carried by all competitors. Competitors usually start from different starting locations and meet up inside. Trippers and bull rushers have a significant advantage in the contest.

26) Fancy Dress. Flaunt charisma, enchantments, bluff (ridicule others), diplomacy and intimidate skills

27) Face your fears, horror house in which competitors face increasingly higher fear checks. Awards to those who make it through. Lots of side doors so people who succumb to fear immediately run out.

28) Tug of war, One combatant team has a druid shift into an elephant ^_^.

29) Beat the dealer, black jack with cards.

30) Fortune telling. Harrowing.

31) Egg hunt. Find hidden eggs in forest, smashing them. Some contain different colored ribbons, which have assigned prizes with them.

32) Sleeping dragon. People must sneak up on a sleeping dragon and steal its treasure. Three are several rings, as you get closer to the inner ring treasure (which includes magic items) contestants can steal from the dragons loot. Cost associated with each try. If tagged by the dragons younglings or the dragon, contestants are out.

33) Potion brew. Must create a potion but make it taste nice. Nicest tasting potion which still emulates the magical effects of the potion required to be crafted.

34) Royal rumble pit. Ven diagram maze. Players start on the outer circle and must make there way to the inner circle when the whistle blows. Players are required to knock contestants out. Fighters/rogues or the like are given blunted weapons of there choice, wizards/clerics are given wands that deal non lethal damage. No offensive casting that deals dice damage allowed, and no spells greater then 3rd level.

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35) Jenga - Use skill checks prior to attempts. Failed checks = must make more attempts, use opposite hand, etc. Exceptional success = skip a turn, etc...

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