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[Rite Publishing] Coliseum Morpheuon: Anthology of Dreams (Fiction)

Product Discussion

Interior Layout is done for Coliseum Morpheuon: Anthology of Dreams (fiction), just waiting on the back cover ad blurb and then cover layout. 11 Short Stories total 207 pages of story (220 pages total interior pages, ToC, credits, introduction by editor Dave Paul, and about the author sections.

We have some interesting names, who contributed, which I will be releasing as we go through the cover layout, proofing process, and getting the advanced copies out to reviewers.


Liberty's Edge

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love short stories?

Is this going to be a physical release or a pdf?

It will be available as kindle, Epub, PDF, print via amazon and drivethrurpg.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm looking forward to this... :D

And not just because the first story in it is mine either. :P

Sign me up!! Any idea what the price point is going to be? A price range is fine. I have found that I need to cut back on gaming expeditures recently, but I try to make room for fantasy fiction where possible.


Right now I am thinking $9.99 for the print version and $4.99 for the .mobi/Epub/PDF versions.

Awesome! I will keep watching for this to come out. I tend to get things in print because they are easier for me to read. $9.99 is affordable for me. I will check this out as soon as it's out and write a review for it as soon as I can. I am expecting this book to give me food for thought for creating atmosphere when my party gets to the Plane of Dreams.

Rite publishing is currently my #3 most purchased 3PP, behind Frog God Games and Jon Brazer Enterprises. I have really enjoyed 1001 Spells and am enjoying reading Colliseum Morpheuon. I need to finish reading through them both and get reviews written. Once my players get through The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergard and The Red Hand of Doom, I am planning to drop them into the Plane of Dreams to get them to level 20.

Keep impressing me!


Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Itchy wrote:
I have really enjoyed 1001 Spells and am enjoying reading Colliseum Morpheuon. I need to finish reading through them both and get reviews written.

Reviews are great! I look forward to yours.

Dark Archive Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4

Woo! Oh, I can't WAIT to see this!

Me, too. I'm really looking forward to this.

Bring it! I, too, want the hard copy.

Heck, I'd like to have a full set of all the Faces of the Tarnished Souks in hard copy, but I'm happy to wait until they're complete -- just downloaded the latest "Z.Z. Grimshanks, the Knave of Sharp Seconds."

Scarab Sages

What release date are you all looking at for this book?

We don't give release dates until we have finalized the book, we are still waiting on cover layout and we have to do print proofs on the books which can take up to two/three weeks

Cover layout is done, so the PDF is done, the files have been submitted to the printers (lightning source and amazon create space).

We are hopeful about having the epub and mobi formats finished today (Thanks to Andrew betts for the support on that).

Scarab Sages

Thanks guys will be watching for this. Have a great day.

Epub and mobi done!


Wicht and Neil are in it, so it's a must-buy book.

Ok a few things are out of the bag so how about a few teasers of who will be in it.

About the authors

Neil Spicer
Neil Spicer is a relative newcomer to the world of fantasy fiction. After winning Paizo Publishing's RPG Superstar competition in 2009, he authored a fey-themed adventure module called Realm of the Fellnight Queen and has written extensively for the roleplaying game industry ever since. On the heels of that accomplishment, he entered and won a fiction-writing contest to have his shortstory--"Rain of Redemption"--published in the first ever Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology.

In his day job, Neil is an IT contract negotiator and vendor manager with a knack for escaping into worlds where his daydreams prove infinitely more interesting. He enjoys character development for the vicarious entertainment it brings him, posting way too much on internet messageboards, and debating the true meaning of life with his future self. He lives in Charlotte, NC with his patient, lovely wife Blai and three precocious -daughters, Kailey, Hannah, and Bree.

I just got an email from Rite Publishing through Drive Thru RPG that this is now available. Will it be offered here on Paizo as well?

I would much rather be able to combine shipping since I get regular mail from Paizo. If not, then I will go place my order. I am really looking forward to reading (and reviewing) this one!

Another quick question: Is the dead-tree version trade paperback sized (with newsprint pages like any other paperback book) or is it glossy magazine sized (like the dead-tree version of Coliseum Morpheuon itself)?


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