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Shades of Ice-Part II Exiles of Winter ( in 3-D )


Dark Archive

We had an awesome time last night playing (Shades of Ice-Part II Exiles of Winter)...

well written adventure, very challenging and offers a variety of encounters to test the entire party

I posted some pics on my blog for those the are interested as well.

Go to [[/url].

Sovereign Court

That's looking really good! I just got my molds (70, 71, and 260) and have been messing around with PoP - need to get some hydrostone.

Dark Archive

PoP is a great way to learn the tricks of casting...

I normally use hydrostone , but i do have 40 lbs of Merlin's Magic for special pieces.

check local plaster/ceramic suppliers you'd be surprised what kind of bulk discounts you can find.

Sovereign Court

I've found one place close by:

I'm guessing the 5 minute dental plaster isn't suitable though.

Dark Archive

see if they can give you a sample?
some dental plaster is simlar to hydrostone

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