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Innards of a dragon

Rules Questions

Grand Lodge

Anyone know how valuable the body of a dragon would be after its hide was removed, for substances and spell casting materials, etc?

Highly subjective.

Grand Lodge

I figured that. I think I will just go with 1/5 the XP points in gold piece value.

That's a lot of gp...!

BRB, I'm gonna need a bigger floating disk....

not sure on things, but for flavor, alchemists might be interested (MIGHT I don't play an alchemist... yet.). I know Form of the Dragon spells require dragon scales (for flavor purposes I believe), and those bones might make some armor. Also, dragon meat.

Of course, skinning dragons may make you look bad to other dragons.

sense you probably already killed one I doubt that is an issue

IF you were able to successfully field dress a dragon and preserve its parts.

I think 1/5 xp may be a good number.

having said that I think that another Dragon (possibly a Red according to Pathfinder Dragon Lore) will likely come calling at a later date.

can lead to a great future or reoccurring villain

more so than you killing the dragon in the first place?

Liberty's Edge

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fictionfan wrote:
more so than you killing the dragon in the first place?

Image 1: Someone kills your wife. Evidence shows it was self-defense.

Image 2: Someone kills your wife. Evidence shows it was self-defense. However, they proceed to skin her, wear it to fashionable parties, and sell the meat and bones on the black market. They may have eaten some of her themselves.

I'm pretty sure #2 will piss you off a lot more than #1. #1 will by no means leave you happy, but #2 is down-right vendetta worthy.

It is also kinda like walking around with a huge flag that says I kill dragons.

If I kill a person, everyone that sees me thereafter does not know.
If I kill a person and wear their skin around town, everyone might not be sure, but I'll bet they have an inkling.

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