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Severe lack of single player adventures.

Product Discussion

So this is steming from a tread I started in the BB area.

There is a real lack of adventurers written for a single PC with a GM as in a 1 on 1 adventure.

I know I have seen many people ask about these when their wife/kid/BF/whatever wants to learn to play or just wants some extra gaming.

It is not always easy to get a whole group together, it would be nice to have stuff to run for one PC.

I would be happy to pay for these, and I can not immagine I am the only one.

So come on 3rd party people. Let me give you my money.

Grand Lodge

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Expeditious Retreat Press has got you covered.

And those look great.

However it seems that if there is enough market for one company to put out 15+ products then you would think another company could put out a few as well.

The only issue I had with the ET stuff was that some are for Wiz 5-7, some Barb 2-4, some cleric 9-11, etc.

However there may be a Wiz 5-7 adventure, but no Wiz 1-5 or Wiz 8+

So that character has one adventure written for it.

I am not saying thats not helpful, but it seems with the ammount of people who have talked about this idea, there would be more products.

This post is more to let the 3rd party group know there is a need.

Thank you for the links tho. I plan to pick a few of them up.

Also of the 15, only 2 are actually Pathfinder.

Yes I can convert them without a lot of trouble, but it would be nice to have more then 2 options for a 1-1 pathfinder adventure.

Grand Lodge

Incorrect. All 15 are PF.

Ah I stand corrected.

I did not check the collection.

35$ for 10 adventures is a pretty good deal in my book.

More people should still make these :)

Grand Lodge

Oh, certainly! I never meant to suggest otherwise! :)

Paizo Employee Community Manager

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Open Design also has you covered with the Party of One adventures. :)

Awesome thank you for those as well

Grand Lodge

Ooo, I did not know that!

Paizo Employee Community Manager

1 person marked this as a favorite.
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ooo, I did not know that!

It's why I'm here! :D

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