A clown among pshchopaths, help me build Shaco


So I have only played one pathfinder game so my character creation experience is limited I really want to build a serial killer/ knife wielding psycho keeping him effective while still true to his orgins. The reference material I am using is bits from shaco from league of legends and the joker from DC comics batman.

Shaco for those of you that arn't familiar is notorious for leaping about disappearing(questionably magic, possibly simply good stealth) and appearing behind an unsuspecting enemy to deliver deadly strikes. He is also known for his devious death traps and jack in the boxes that launch darts and barbs at foes (possibly traps or something similar?) Another curious but to me not as important to the core build being able to create a hallucinogenic clone of himself(possibly the subject hallucinating, magic, or other clever trickery).

I am interested in race, class, equipment, feats, ect for ideas to make this character. As well at tactics to keep such a character alive, since I plan on playing him as obnoxiously as possible (to properly roleplay) I will be a target for the DM.


I plan on deviating from the shaco template but want some takes on a effective core build of such a character.

A ninja has vanishing trick, for the disappearing and stabbities, and also has clones (more shadow images but at higher levels one that I believe will foolyour enemies into thinking you went thataway. They also get poison use, and there are probably drugs and poisons out there that will make your opponent hallucinate.

Traps....just take craft (trapmaking) and talk to your gm. There are traps written up that you can build off of.

I was looking at prestige classes for the first time, would it be wise to invest in these early. I could see since the character is ultimatly a trickster an arcane trickster or spell casting assassin could fit the role.

In addition can anyone tell me where to find the ninja class setup?

Can someone further explain prestige classes and how to invest in them?

Ninja is in ultimate combat. Before you consider prestige classes, read up on it.

I did, but I do not know how to apply it. Is it like when you level up you have a separate set of levels so your like a level 2 sorcerer level 1 arcane trickster?

Ahhh, I think you misunderstood what I was telling you to read up on. I meant, read up on the ninja. Many of the things you want to do are part of the class. If you want to go into a prestige class, find out what feats and skills are required for it before you ever start the character. You will want to start putting your feats and skill points into there as early as possible so you can go into the PrC as soon as you can.

Most of the stuff you want to do can be done with a Ninja or a rogue with a brace of low level scrolls.
If what you are looking for is a spell caster with sneak attack I might suggest you look elsewhere.
A Vivisectionist Alchemist is both a spell caster and possesses sneak attack.

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